HOMEBREW Digest #488 Tue 04 September 1990

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  Keg Valves/Connectors (bob)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon Sep 3 12:55:13 1990 From: semantic!bob at uunet.UU.NET Subject: Keg Valves/Connectors Hello Everybody? I'm going to be placing an order for a keg soon and I was wondering what the merits and differences are of the ball-lock verses the pin-shaft type of valves/connectors. I'm looking for opinions of any type. Why one might be better or worse than the other. Is one or the other harder to disassemble or clean. Dependability, availability of parts. Any and all information is welcome and will be greatly appreciated. Much Thanks! :-) - -- Robert A. Gorman (Bob) bob at rsi.com Watertown MA US -- - -- Relational Semantics, Inc. uunet!semantic!bob +1 617 926 0979 -- Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 1990 17:47:59 -0400 From: Tony Plate <tap at ai.toronto.edu> Mike Fertsch suggested using vinegar and elbow grease followed by baking soda to remove the crud from enamelled pots. Another way is to just burn the crud off - put the dry pot on the electric element on high, and wait till the black spots disappear. It also works for aluminium pots. I usually do this only after scrubbing most of the heavy crud off. Tony Plate Return to table of contents
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