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  Re: A bit more on yeast and lagering (Scott Alfter)
  A.J.'s NRE ("Pete Calinski")
  Woman's Beer Preferences ("Pete Calinski")
  Re: beers for women (Denny Conn)
  Beer for women (David Edge)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 22:53:54 -0700 From: Scott Alfter <scott at alfter.us> Subject: Re: A bit more on yeast and lagering Ken Anderson wrote: > What motivated the question is the advice I hear given to newbies about how > to start the lagering process, ie, lower the temperature 2 degrees per day > until you've reached lagering temperature, the reasoning being that you > don't want to "shock" your yeast with too quick of a temperature change. I know this isn't the main point of what you're asking (about whether there's really anything going on when your Pils is chilling in the 30s for a few weeks in your fridge), but my experience is that the yeast can handle a faster temperature change than that. I've gotten good results with a rate of change of 1 degree per hour. (Fermentation temperature is monitored by an Apple II with some addon hardware I built and software I wrote, so changing the temperature on an hourly basis is no big deal for me.) A rapid decrease, in addition to throwing the yeast into hibernation, also gets them to fall out of suspension...good if you want to clear yeast out of an ale before packaging, not so good if you want them to keep chewing on a lager for a couple or three months. As to whether the yeast are actually doing anything during lagering, my understanding of the matter is that they are still at work, but at a greatly reduced rate. That's only the "conventional wisdom" on the matter, though, which is what you're calling into question. As to whether it really makes a difference, I can't say. I've not tried rushing a lager; they've sat anywhere from 3 to 6 months (the latter when I've gotten lazy) before packaging. It sounds like an experiment is in order, but who's willing to (potentially) sacrifice a batch? Scott Alfter scott at alfter.us Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 09:21:49 -0400 From: "Pete Calinski" <pjcalinski at adelphia.net> Subject: A.J.'s NRE Regarding A.J.'s NRE. I had the privilege of taking a tour of his brewery/research lab a few years ago, while it was still under construction............. Can you say Taj Mahal????????? or better yet Taj Ma Beer Hall. Pete Calinski East Amherst NY Near Buffalo NY http://hbd.org/pcalinsk *********************************************************** *My goal: * Go through life and never drink the same beer twice. * (As long as it doesn't mean I have to skip a beer.) *********************************************************** Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 09:25:40 -0400 From: "Pete Calinski" <pjcalinski at adelphia.net> Subject: Woman's Beer Preferences I also have noticed that, even among women that like all kinds of beer, they tend to not prefer American Pale Ales. I attributed it to the hop aroma. I think women like their flowery aroma to come from bouquets. Pete Calinski East Amherst NY Near Buffalo NY http://hbd.org/pcalinsk *********************************************************** *My goal: * Go through life and never drink the same beer twice. * (As long as it doesn't mean I have to skip a beer.) *********************************************************** Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 08:48:55 -0800 From: Denny Conn <denny at projectoneaudio.com> Subject: Re: beers for women Linda, I am SO with you! I have the same reaction when I see posts like this. My wife prefers my 1.073 OG 75 IBU Rye IPA over any other beer...it was even developed to her tastes! And she's far from an isolated case...most of the women in our club prefer what aren't normally thought of as "women's beer" (it pains me to even type that!) Take a look at how many men are out there drinking tasteless "lite" beers and you'll see that it doesn't come down to gender...it comes down to appreciation for flavor! -------------->Denny At 12:22 AM 9/20/06 -0400, you wrote: >I'm a woman and posts like this make me bristle. I'm not picking on you >Alexandre, you're asking a question that has been asked repeatedly on every >beer forum I participate in. I have two responses to it though. >1. If someone isn't into beer, why try to change that person's mind? Let >her drink what she wants. Why do so many craft beer drinkers insist that it >is their obligation to educate other drinkers? >2. If there is a particular woman in your life you want to share beer with, >ask her what she likes. Don't make a blanket generalization about all >women, then ask a forum that is largely made up of men what women like >(didn't Freud already do that?). Kevin Gray's observations were anecdotal >and should not be generalized to all women. They refer only to his >experiences. >I know many women who are into beer and like big beers, hoppy beers, strong >beers, etc. Personally, I detest fruit beers and fruity American wheat >beers. I'm also not a big fan of wit beers. I'd prefer a St. Bernardus Abt >12 or a Blackout Stout any day over beers that are often considered >"women's beers." >Linda >Champaign, IL Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 23:05:28 +0100 From: David Edge <webmaster at craftbrewing.org.uk> Subject: Beer for women Alexndre Clearly no such thing... I asked my wife what she wanted; she said "like your beer X only drier and hoppier", So she brewed it. I thought it was too bitter; too dry;the judges disagreed. Linda's right, chacun a son gout. But mind your back mate! David Edge, formerly prizewinning home brewer... David Edge, Webmaster Craft Brewing Association www.craftbrewing.org.uk Return to table of contents
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