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  2007 Puget Sound Pro-Am Accepting Entries and Judges ("Emiley, Mark")
  Summit hop availability ("Grant Stott")
  caterpillar wine; caterpillar beer? ("Peter A. Ensminger")
  WY1010 experiences ("Greg Brewer")
  Former BJCP Treasurer Indicted For Fraud ("Peter A. Ensminger")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 16:18:16 -0700 From: "Emiley, Mark" <Mark.Emiley at boeing.com> Subject: 2007 Puget Sound Pro-Am Accepting Entries and Judges The Puget Sound Pro-Am is accepting entries (three 10-12 oz bottles, $5/entry) at the designated locations from now until June 6th so start sending in your entries (entries can be registered in advance through a link on the competition website at http://www.bewbc.org/pro-am). This is an AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition aimed at providing award winning homebrew recipes to be brewed by Puget Sound breweries with the goal of capturing a medal from the Great American Beer Festival's Pro-Am Competition. SIX breweries (Big Horn/Ram, Rogue, Elysian, Diamond Knot, and Harmon) will be selecting their favorite homebrew beers from the best of show round to scale up and brew on their systems. Winning beers of AHA members may be sent on to the GABF for a shot at national glory! Non-AHA members can still enter the competition and win other awards and prizes. Judging will be held on June 9th at Larry's Brewing Supply in Kent, Washington (if you are interested in judging, stewarding, or helping with event execution, contact Mark Emiley at markemiley at earthlink.net or register online at the website). Check the website for updates on participating breweries and contest details. Invite your friends to join the AHA and submit beers as well (all beers will be judged and ranked regardless of AHA membership). Good luck, and brew strong! Mark Emiley President BEWBC Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 19:13:15 +1000 From: "Grant Stott" <gstott1 at ncable.net.au> Subject: Summit hop availability G'day all, As traffic is pretty low at the moment I would like to enquire about the availability of Summit hops. A mate brought back a bottle of Widmer 07 Pale Ale from his trip to Portland recently & we both thought it was pretty unique & pretty good. So we would like to be able to brew a similar brew eventually, but to do so we would need to be able to obtain some Summit hops. AQIS the Australian quarantine people are pretty stringent on what they let in to Aust. So international mail order is a no go. There is no chance of the local hop suppliers getting any in if they are not readily available commercially in the U.S. I know that Northern brewer has them in their cataloge. So my question is are they readily available in the U.S or is Northern Brewer the exception? If readily available I will send emails to the local suppliers requesting they try & get some in. if not I will not waste my time. Thanks, Grant Stott Geelong. Vic Australia Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 00:16:23 -0400 From: "Peter A. Ensminger" <ensmingr at twcny.rr.com> Subject: caterpillar wine; caterpillar beer? An item in my local paper (Syracuse Post Standard) reads "Minnesota man turns caterpillars into wine" Apparently, some guy from Duluth uses tent caterpillars (Malacosoma americanum) as a key ingredient for a caterpillar wine. See: http://www.armywormwine.com . Are there any Minnesota homebrewers (or HBD'ers) who have tried this? Sounds a bit scary to me, but I'd like to try it nonetheless. Cheers! Peter A. Ensminger Syracuse, NY Apparent Rennerian: [394, 79.9] Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 12:37:46 -0500 From: "Greg Brewer" <gbrewer1 at gmail.com> Subject: WY1010 experiences I am considering using Wyeast 1010 American Wheat to brew an altbier and a weizenbock. The yeast is reportedly from Widmer's American Hefeweizen, but supposed to have originated from Zum Uerige, so I'm wondering how well suited it might be for the two very different styles. Using WY1010 in an altbier has been discussed here before, but posted opinions regarding its "sour" character are apparently based on perceptions about Widmer's Hefe, not actual brewing experience. Have you used WY1010 in a non-wheat recipe? How did it turn out? Does it have too little character for a proper weizenbock as well? Can fermentation temperatures be used to tune the yeast for desired results (less or more esters, etc.)? I'm convinced authentic altbiers derive their unique malty profile from using the proper yeast, not from specialty malts. In seeking to perfect my altbier recipe, I have tried WY1007 German Ale, WLP036 Dusseldorf and WLP810 San Francisco yeasts. The closest I have come to Zum Uerige was using WY1007, which also used the least Munich and crystal malts, and had the highest attenuation (83%). So with its lineage and relatively higher attenuation, WY1010 seems to be a likely candidate for my next altbier attempt, but only if others who have tried the same thing can support the effort. I'd also appreciate any other experienced altbier yeast recommendations. Cheers, Greg Brewer Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 01:37:02 -0400 From: "Peter A. Ensminger" <ensmingr at twcny.rr.com> Subject: Former BJCP Treasurer Indicted For Fraud A recent news item from the BJCP homepage is attached below. Sincerely, Peter A. Ensminger Syracuse, NY Apparent Rennerian: [394, 79.9] - ----------- Former BJCP Treasurer Indicted For Fraud (May, 2007) As many members know, there has been an ongoing effort to deal with the failure of the former BJCP Treasurer, Mr. William R. Slack, of Nashua, New Hampshire, to turn over the funds in the treasury to the current Treasurer. Mr. Slack, also a former BJCP President, has not communicated with the current Board of Directors, and we have been pursuing a resolution of this matter since 2004. For obvious reasons, the BJCP officers and legal committee are unable to comment publicly, but we feel the membership deserves to be kept informed as much as possible. We recently learned that a Federal Grand Jury has indicted Mr. Slack for fraud. This indictment was reported in the local newspaper in Nashua. Mr. Slack was served with a summons on April 30, 2007 for his initial appearance in U.S. District Court on May 17, 2007. Mr. Slack appeared with his public defender at that hearing, and entered a plea of "not guilty" to the charge. He was released pending trial, subject to a number of conditions, and a trial date has been set for July 10, 2007. We continue to work closely with the appropriate authorities, but since legal proceedings are continuing, we are not able to comment at this time beyond this statement. Return to table of contents
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