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  Re: Pre-chiller: plate or immersion? ("Dean Palmer")
  Novembeerfest AHA/BJCP Homebrew Competition ("Nic Templeton")
  re:GFCI ("Ubi")
  2 hours of cleaning, sanitizing, lubing and racking + 10 Seconds of Lack of attention to Detail = 1 5 Gallon corny keg, frozen solid ("Joe Van Loon")
  Wizard of SAAZ 2007 Home Brew Competition ("Krajewski, Michael")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 07:24:48 -0400 From: "Dean Palmer" <Dean_Palmer at Jabil.com> Subject: Re: Pre-chiller: plate or immersion? I'm in Florida where the tap water is typically 85f at this time of the year. I'm currently using a 1/2HP submersible pump (Harbor Freight)in a cooler of ice water, connected to a 50' immersion chiller. I'm getting 10+ gallons of wort down to 68f within about 30 minutes. This is with me stirring the wort as possible. It takes longer if just let sit of course. I run tap water through the IC and let it run into the lawn until the wort is down to about 100f, then connect the pump loop (cheap quick-connects make this simple). The pump recirculates the water back into the cooler to reduce waste as well as return the water to be cooled. It is a very simple and cheaper solution than a plate chiller, and requires no cleaning afterwards. I'm sure however that this configuration would work well with a plate chiller and give virtually instant cooling to pitching temps, you'd have to try it and see how the ice holds out. For my ice, I make blocks in the freezer during the week using Tupperware containers, and supplement that with whatever is in the icemaker bin at the time. The ice lasts just longer than I need it. Dean Palmer Dean_Palmer at jabil.com www.TheBeerJournals.com St Petersburg, FL Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 10:28:59 -0700 From: "Nic Templeton" <ntempleton at gmail.com> Subject: Novembeerfest AHA/BJCP Homebrew Competition The Impaling Alers are proud to present Novembeerfest, our annual AHA/BJCP sanctioned Homebrew Competition. Judging will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at Larry's Brewing Supply in Kent, WA http://www.larrysbrewsupply.com/ . Competition Date: November 3, 2007 Entries Due Date: October 29, 2007 Cost per: $6.00 Make Checks Payable to: Larry's Brewing Supply Bottles per: 3 (10-12oz Green - Brown Bottles) Sanctioned: AHA/BJCP (SCP) Categories: ALL 2004 BJCP Categories are Open Competition - Judging Coordinator: Tim Hayner president at impalingalers.org Shipping Info: Larry's Brewing Supply 7405 S. 212th St. #103 Kent WA 98032 Beer, Mead & Cider will be judged according to the 2004 BJCP Style Guidelines. Best to Brew beers will be selected for brewing at local breweries. Details of the event and entry forms can be found at our club website at http://impalingalers.org/ . The entry window is October 15th through October 29th, submit three (3) 10-12 oz bottles per entry. Entry fee $6. Please see the website for additional competition rules/details. - -- Nic Templeton - Seattle WA Hotel - Tango - Hotel Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 20:42:40 -0400 From: "Ubi" <oobyjooby at cs.com> Subject: re:GFCI I do surely hope this time my message comes through yes. The curse of 10,000 fleas on those that write malware yes. To the subject of the confounding GFCI, one must never plug the GFCI into a GFCI protected already circuitry,\ right. This will most surely present the erroneously trippings. Only to plug in unprotected circuit. You do try it this way and have better enjoyment. Thank you and many pleasurable brewings for you. Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 22:09:34 -0400 From: "Joe Van Loon" <joevanloon at comcast.net> Subject: 2 hours of cleaning, sanitizing, lubing and racking + 10 Seconds of Lack of attention to Detail = 1 5 Gallon corny keg, frozen solid Beerlings, Spent a few hours in the brewery last night prepping to rack into the serving keg last night. Due to my utter stupidity, I fired the dispensing rig up without the thermoprobe for my JCI Digital Relay inside the freezer. The freezer is now off and open, to thaw out my IPA-sickle. Any chance I can expect this one to be drinkable after thawing and carbonating? I certainly wish that I had been as detail oriented the second I left the room as I was while completely dismantling, cleaning, sanitizing and lubing up every rubber piece in the kegs. - Joe Van Loon joevanloon at comcast.net Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 08:15:54 -0400 From: "Krajewski, Michael" <kujo at nccrs.com> Subject: Wizard of SAAZ 2007 Home Brew Competition Wizard of SAAZ - 2007 HOME BREWED BEER COMPETITION Entry Deadline is Oct. 27, 2007 Judging will be held Nov. 10, 2007 The top 3 beers in each style category will receive a medal for their achievement, while the Best of Show beer will also receive an engraved mug and the opportunity to have his/her beer brewed by the Hoppin' Frog Brewery for retail sale and possibly distribution. Beer Styles and Entry Information: Beer styles are limited to the following: 8c ESB/English Pale Ale, 9c Scottish Export 80, 10c American Brown Ale, 15b Dunkelweizen, and 16a Belgian Witbier and will be judged according to the 2004 BJCP guidelines. The preferred method of registration is online; however if you do not have access to a computer, please call the competition organizers to arrange a different method. Each entry is $8.00 per style and two bottles per style entered are required. One entry per style, per brewer only! Additional entries from the same brewers in the same style will be disqualified and may not be judged. Please refer to the www.hbd.org/saaz for complete rules and regulations and for online entry and judge registration. Online Registration <http://www.hordsoffun.com/hbc.rw/regwiz.aspx?w=0118062700> Competition hosted by: The Grape & Granary, Akron, Ohio THE GRAPE & GRANARY, INC 915 Home Avenue Akron, OH 44310 330-633-7223 /Fax 330-633-6794 Email: grape at cmh.net Judges and Stewards: We encourage entrants to judge in our competition, however, you will not be eligible to judge any style in which you have entered. This is a BJCP sanctioned competition and points will be earned for each session judged. Judges may hand carry their entries the morning of the judging, but the beers must be pre registered online. Non pre registered beers will be judged as time allows and at the discretion of the competition organizers, also they will not be considered for prizes. A continental breakfast will be provided in the morning between 8:45 and 9:15 AM, and lunch will be provided after the morning session. Depending on the quantity of entries, we may have an afternoon session, so please plan on a full day. Judge Registration <http://www.hordsoffun.com/hbc.rw/judgewiz.aspx?w=0118062700> For any additional questions please contact Mike Krajewski woscoordinator at gmail.com , Competition Coordinator. Mike Krajewski Wizard of SAAZ 2007 Competition Coordinator Return to table of contents
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