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  "making" new hop rhizomes (David Harsh)
  Frozen Beer ("A.J deLange")
  Burton Water ("A.J deLange")
  RE: Plastics and Hot Water ("Kevin Weaver")
  New Hop Rhizomes ("Kevin Kowalczyk")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 07:40:53 -0400 From: David Harsh <dharsh at fuse.net> Subject: "making" new hop rhizomes Kevin wrote: >> I read somewhere that you can make new hop rhizomes >> by burying the bines in a trench in the fall. ... and Derric said: > and you are right, it doesn't say. However, it seems > to me that you would NOT cut them off from the roots. > In nature, the bines would just fall over and it > would spread that way ... In my experience, the rhizomes spread underground and produce their own new shoots without human intervention. I just pull them up and cut off the rhizomes from the main network and replant. I attempt to dig them up before the shoots get too long, but if they are, I don't worry about it. I cut them off if I need to, but the rhizomes probably grow better if they have the shoots on them. My lone hill of Nugget produces anywhere from 10 to 20 new shoots every year that I dig up and donate to brewers in need at our club meetings. So I guess I'm saying I'm surprised that anyone would actually have to take steps to cause your hops to form new shoots - mine do it on their own without any encouragement. Dave Harsh Bloatarian Brewing League Cincinnati, OH Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 07:59:37 -0400 From: "A.J deLange" <ajdel at cox.net> Subject: Frozen Beer I'd try thawing and re-pitching just to be on the safe side. Some yeast cells may have survived the misadventure but may be in rough shape as a consequence. Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 08:01:52 -0400 From: "A.J deLange" <ajdel at cox.net> Subject: Burton Water To whoever wrote to me about Burton water recently. Your e-mail disappeared from the server as I was trying to move it to my in-box. Please resend. A.J. Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 18:25:45 +0100 From: "Kevin Weaver" <kweaver at brewmation.com> Subject: RE: Plastics and Hot Water Hi Richard, A few pieces of information for hot water and plastics. It's a very good questions and should be a concern. For PVC it must be realized that the operating temperature is 140F. In some PVC's, chemicals can leach out. As an example, garden hose manufacturers at one point made a hose that you could drink out of (yes, we have all done this many times and it concerned me that they all of a sudden came out with this version). However, they pulled this off the market because in the heat of the sun the water in the hose causes plasticizers to leach out. I think the hoses that are approved for drinking are now made with a different safer liner. Polypropylene, however, is the preferred plastic for hot water/wort. It has a working temperature of 210F with intermittent temperatures even higher. The plastic is also listed as non-toxic and listed as FDA approved. It is also approved for many chemicals, so wort is not a concern. We use Polypro in our HLT's and Mash Tuns and it works great. So, if your going to use a container, I would recommend the Polypro. It can be drilled and tapped easily for temperature probes, valves, fittings, etc. (we can supply these tanks w/o the Brewmation stuff built in if you want to make your own mash tuns or whatever...just drop me an e-mail). Hope this helps. Kevin Weaver Brewmation Incorporated www.brewmation.com Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 18:02:35 -0500 From: "Kevin Kowalczyk" <kevinkowalczyk at gmail.com> Subject: New Hop Rhizomes Regarding Derric's reply to my post on new hop rhizomes: An article that mentions it is here: http://www.freshops.com/gardening.html and you are right, it doesn't say. However, it seems to me that you would NOT cut them off from the roots. In nature, the bines would just fall over and it would spread that way ... That's what I thought also, however, I wondered why they attempt to grow new roots if they were already attached to the main rootstock. Kevin Kowalczyk Chicago, Illinois Return to table of contents
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