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  water addition help (Eric Beaupre)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 23:57:13 -0400 From: Eric Beaupre <eric.beaupre at gmail.com> Subject: water addition help So I recently moved from central illinois where the water was quite hard to Pennsylvania where the water's quite soft. I thought I'd celebrate by brewing a light colored hoppy beer as I hadn't been able to brew a decent one with my previous water. i pulled a report from the water company and thought I'd try "adjusting" the water. My report is as follows: [ppm] calcium 21 chloride 25 magnesium 6.6 pH 8.39 Sodium 12 Sulfate 18 I knew I wanted more sulfate for some hop bitterness, more sodium for flavor, and more calcium since it's supposed to do a body good. I found various water spreadsheets and settled on Palmer's. Sorry AJ, yours was a bit over my head for a first go. I ran some numbers in his sheet and came up with the following additions: [g] CaCO3 1.2 Gypsum .6 CaCl2 .35 Baking Soda .3 Here's where I might have made a terrible error, I _assumed_ this was per gallon of water in the HLT. So, I multiplied all of those by 11 and added it to my 11 gallons of 170 degree water. I mashed my grain and noticed the HLT was coated in a white film, and film is most likely an understatement. I knew at that point I was most likely in trouble but carried on anyhow. The beer's been in primary for two weeks. When I racked to primary I noticed an inch or two of "stuff" immediately settled to the bottom of the carboy. I had a nice robust rolling ferment though. It's now time to transfer it to secondary. I'm wondering at this point if I did in fact supersaturate the water with minerals (nearly a given) and if so what effect it will have on the beer. I'm also wondering if I should "waste" the hops I had saved for dry hopping on this brew or just use them in the next brew. So, any guesses on what this thing will taste like? Any steps I can take at this point to improve the beer? I've hosted the spread sheet at scribd if anyone would like to take a look at it. http://www.scribd.com/share/upload/12269292/r48mewck64eg3counza The target mineral levels are listed in there, can someone recommend what they would have added to the mash water to achieve this? Thanks Eric Return to table of contents
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