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  kegging a mead (Loren Blom)
  Four Roses Eggnog Recipe ("Pat Babcock")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 19:15:30 -0600 From: Loren Blom <ljblom at iowatelecom.net> Subject: kegging a mead Has anyone tried kegging a mead? If so, any difficulties? Thanks, Loren Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 10:22:02 -0500 (EST) From: "Pat Babcock" <pbabcock at hbd.org> Subject: Four Roses Eggnog Recipe Greetings, Beerlings! Take me to your yule log... Over the years, Jeff Renner has been kind enough to provide us with his father's Christmas eggnog recipe, citing its origin as a Four Roses bourbon advertisement. Folks, I've stumbled across the original! Four Roses Bourbon still exists, and, while collecting custard nog recipes (custard nog dates back to colonial times and beyond and it is like liquid crack! Addictive! C.F. Berger makes a stellar version of it, but you know how we brewers are: gotta make my own, and adapt it to my style and tastes...), I found their web site (http://www.fourroses.us/drink_recipes) on which the following recipe is displayed Four Roses Eggnog Beat separately yolks and whites of 6 eggs. Add 1/2 cup of sugar to yolks while beating. Add 1/4 cup of sugar to whites after they have been beaten very stiff. Mix egg whites with yolks. Stir in 1 pint of cream and 1 pint of milk. Add a pint of Four Roses and 1 oz. Jamaica Rum. Stir thoroughly. Makes 5 pints of the grandest eggnog ever ladled into a cup. Serve very cold with grated nutmeg. Though you have to read the recipe to get the bill of maerials, here is a synopsis for your shopping list: 6 eggs 3/4 c sugar (Many of the nog recipes I've reviewed recommend confectioners' sugar to granulated) 1 pt cream 1 pt milk (or 2 pts half-n-half) 1 pt bourbon 1 oz rum Jeff's original posting of his dad's recipe can be found here: http://hbd.org/hbd/archive/3500.html#3500-9 To all: I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - -- See ya! Pat Babcock in SE Michigan Chief of HBD Janitorial Services http://hbd.org pbabcock at hbd.org Return to table of contents
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