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  Over-Carbonation? Fermentation Re-Start? (Trish)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 16:36:16 -0600 From: Trish <qageek at gmail.com> Subject: Over-Carbonation? Fermentation Re-Start? Happy New Year, Homebrewers! Yes, it's me, with a report from the non-traditional Oktoberfest. In reviewing our notes from the last seventeen years of brewing, we learned that we had indeed already attempted an Oktoberfest. Admittedly some of the ingredients differed slightly, but nothing significant in our amateur determination. We pitched according to our usual methods. let it sit quite a while in the carboy, and made extra-double sure that the hydrometer readings supported a kegging decision (the numbers were parked for three readings vs. our usual two). This was in November. Last weekend we heard a *ping* from the direction of our kitchen cupboard. Fearing the worst, we were happy to see that there was no liquid to be seen. Upon closer inspection, though, we realized that every keg from that batch was bulging. What's more, the bungs were raised on every keg for the batch we made AFTER that (Belgian Honey Ale, pitched and kegged in December). While glad we caught this, we are still perplexed. Because we are dispensing the beer with a CO2 system, we have drastically reduced the amount of priming sugar. In fact, we're at the "why bother?" level now; 1/6th of a cup for 5 gallons of brew. So my questions are: 1 - Should we even use priming sugar? 2 - Is priming sugar the likely cause for the pressure / swelling? 2a - If not, is there another way (for a low-tech operation) to determine when fermentation had truly ceased? The good news is that the Oktoberfest is completely drinkable, if a bit on the young side. Given that we have to release the bottom seal from the keg - effectively ruining it and keeping consumption confined to a single day - I'm really glad that this wasn't one of our stronger recipes!! I look forward to reading your suggestions. ~ Trish Return to table of contents
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