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  Culturing Yeast Follow Up ("Joe Dunne")
  RE: Culturing yeast from dregs ("\\-s@roadrunner.com")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 09:38:35 -0600 From: "Joe Dunne" <jrdunne at rcn.com> Subject: Culturing Yeast Follow Up Thanks for the responses. As a follow up, it looks as though my attempt is working. I decanted the flask and added some fresh wort on Thursday night. I had some obvious yeast growth activity within 24 hours. I think my main problem was that I was starting with too much wort at perhaps too high a gravity to really get anything going. I did not start with nearly as small a starter as Dave Houseman suggested. But I'll be better prepared next time. My other problem may just be impatience... Anyway, I'm going to brew up a small batch and see how it turns out. It is my understanding that Ommegang bottle conditions with the same yeast they use for fermentation, but we'll know soon. As an aside, I'm quite pleased I've gotten my postings to go through. I had to give up on my hotmail account for posting to HBD as it just didn't want to work. Outlook seems to work just fine. Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 18:43:59 -0500 From: "\\-s at roadrunner.com" <"\\-s"@roadrunner.com> Subject: RE: Culturing yeast from dregs I agree with David Houseman's excellent advice on culturing yeast from bottles. To expand slightly - unless you have a hood and good culture techniques, then culturing in the original bottle is probably safest. Sanitize the entire bottle & churchkey in an iodophor solution, pour off all but the last bit, flame the bottle lip, add a little sterile growth media and seal, shake gently. It's no problem if there is break matter or dead yeast in the dregs. Avoid airborne "pests" by choosing a clean location with little air circulation and use a facemask. Latex gloves dipped in sanitizer ... I've had difficulty getting any growth from certain beers that seem prone to yeast autolysis, OTOH I've also had numerous successful cultures from flltered commercial beers. After culturing up you should ideally plate-out to select a pure strain, but then we're back into the "need a hood & plates & technique" dilemma. At least give the spent growth media a critical sniff/taste test. A separate bottling strain isn't universal, and you'll know if your weizen yeast media tastes like a lager. -Steve Return to table of contents
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