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  Problem controling fermetation temp (alejandro ramirez)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2014 21:14:02 -0700 From: alejandro ramirez <guaild at yahoo.com> Subject: Problem controling fermetation temp Hi all! I've recently started fermenting using a 100 gal conical, jacketed fermenter. I'm attempting to control the temperature using an A419 Johnson temp control, set to start glycol flow through the jacket at, say, 68 deg Fahrenheit. The temperature at which the relay is turned off is defined by the temp differential, say 3 degs. So, in theory, when the thermostat reads 68 or higher, the glycol starts to flow, until the temp falls to 65 degrees. The glycol is stored in an insulated tank ranging from about 23 to 28 degrees. The problem is, apparently there is a lag time between the moment that the correct amount of heat has been drawn out from the wort in the tank, and the moment that the sensor actually reads the target temperature and stops the glycol from flowing. So what happens is that the temperature keeps dropping quite some time after the glycol has stopped flowing, bringing the temperature way below the lower limit (say, 57 or 57 degrees). This can have quite adverse effects on the yeast, as you all know. Since the fermenting wort is not supposed to be moved around in the tank (which would homogenize the temp and provide a quicker, correct read), I figure I might use a timer to limit the flow of coolant for a set length of time, assuming that the correct amount of heat will be subtracted from the wort. An opinion, anyone? Do you think this is the best way to go? Return to table of contents
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