HOMEBREW Digest #544 Mon 26 November 1990

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  Re: Newsgroups (ac1)
  Puritans, cont... (Norm Hardy)
  dilutions (Chip Hitchcock)
  Hops for Liberty Ale ("KBS::TONS::HOLTSFORD")
  Re: Cincinatti brewstuff  (dbreiden)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 23 Nov 90 14:31:17 +0000 >From: ac1%csug.cs.reading.ac.uk at hplb.hpl.hp.com Subject: Re: Newsgroups I think that the volume of the group is probably sufficient to warrant turning this into a newsgroup. Also, a newsgroup would probably get more contributions - simply because you have to search out a mailing list, but newsgroups `appear' in front of you and draw your attention to them. I would suggest, though, that a newsgroup should have a charter of discussing home wine making along with home beermaking, not just as a sideline. Yours etc, | e-mail: ac1 at csug.cs.reading.ac.uk Captain B.J. Smethwick +----------------------------------------------- in a white wine sauce with | There's a blood red dragon on a field of green shallots, mushrooms and garlic.| Calling me back to the black hills again. Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 90 09:45:28 PST >From: polstra!norm at uunet.UU.NET (Norm Hardy) Subject: Puritans, cont... The phone line got knocked out during the last entry so this may be slightly repititious if half of the entry made it through. Many homebrewers are purists, or puritans. Most say to not use corn sugar or brown sugar or rice syrup or non barley or wheat malts. Personally, I am kind of like that too. But last year I made a great British Bitter that used 8 oz of Hawaiin brown cane sugar. It made for a nice underlying sweetness that was hard to pinpoint but obviously present. It did very well at the AHA finals, although that is not always an indicator of excellence. Norm Hardy Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 90 18:29:39 EST >From: cjh at vallance.eng.ileaf.com (Chip Hitchcock) Subject: dilutions > The gravities are high, since they mix with soda water at bottling time for final dilution and carbonation. Has anyone experimented with what Dave Miller refers to as "high-gravity brewing"? He mentions and dismisses a technique involving late dilution, without enough detail for me to get a feel for the variations and probable results. This procedure is not confined to beer; in PROOF, Dick Francis, who usually gets his fact structure straight, says that many scotches are distilled to ca. 110-proof, shipped south in tanker trucks, and diluted with distilled water at bottling plants near London. Return to table of contents
of C02 to be dangerous---but you don't want to schlep carboys, or work with the accumulated smell of spilled-and-spoiled beer, or work with \any/ pressurized gas, in a poorly-ventilated area anyway. (I would also wonder about whether the typical keg-pressure bottle has enough volume to fill even a small room; at a very rough guess, the ones I've seen hold a fraction of a cubic foot, which would expand by a factor of ~1000 if it were liquid---say enough to fill a 6x8 storage room to a depth of 2-4 feet if nothing disturbed it.) There are plenty of ways you can hurt yourself homebrewing, but the most likely ones are probably all standard home/kitchen things---burns, dropping things on yourself, breaking glass, and lifting heavy things the wrong way. C02 should be way down the list.... Return to table of contents
Date: 25 Nov 90 14:37:00 EST >From: "KBS::TONS::HOLTSFORD" <holtsford%kbs.tons.decnet at clvax1.cl.msu.edu> Subject: Hops for Liberty Ale Greetings, Homebrewers -- My current favorite commercial beer is Liberty Ale. I'm getting pretty close to duplicating its general characteristics -- body, head, color, EtOH, overall bitterness -- but I haven't quite found the right hop flavor and aroma. I've come closest by using Willamette, (c. 1 oz for 10 minutes of the boil and c. 1 oz dry-hopped in the secondary). I'm wondering if the beer judges among you would enlighten me as to name of the hop variety used for flavor and aroma in Liberty Ale. I'd also appreciate any other suggestions (or recipes?) from folks who have brewed Liberty-like Ales. Thanks in advance, and happy brewing. Tim Holtsford Over-educated, underpaid Pointy-Head Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 90 23:27:50 -0500 >From: dbreiden at mentor.cc.purdue.edu Subject: Re: Cincinatti brewstuff Jeff Casey told us about his experiences in Cincinatti. I found this quite interesting. I found Vail Ale for sale in a supermarket in Evansville, IN. I bought it with- out reading the label too closely. I naively thought it was brewed in Colorado. Much to my surprise and (initially) chagrin, I found it was brewed in Kentucky. (In Evansville, IN, we take a dim view of Kentuckians--nothing personal, just our standard hatred--like North vs. South Dakota, Newfies and the rest of Canada, etc.) But I found it was a very good brew--I'd buy it again without hesitation. I'd love to try it fresh from the brewery. Regarding Hudepol, etc. My roommate is from Cincinatti and introduced me to the pleasure of Christian Mohrlein beer. If you see it, try it. It is quite good. It is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (pardon the spelling--I'm guessing) which makes up for Ohio River water. See, being from Evansville, the first beer I knew of made from Ohio River water was Sterling--which isn't too bad, but it ain't too good. Finally, on an unrelated note: Any advice on travelling with homebrew? I'm flying to Portland, OR this spring and would like to take a couple (like 6) of bottles to a friend out there. Need I be surepticious? Any advice on packing it? If possible, I'd like to get it there without shaking it up too much--I may be asking too much, but I'd thought I'd ask anyway. - --Danny Return to table of contents
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