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  Re: Homebrew Recipe Software (Mike Schwartz)
  Learning how to taste (Paul Hethmon)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 09:27:27 -0600 From: Mike Schwartz <mjs at seadogboats.com> Subject: Re: Homebrew Recipe Software Promash was the go-to software for many years but unfortunately is no longer being actively updated and who knows how long it will still function. When you look at the web site there are "news items" from 2003 when he released the last update. Most people I know, even those who started with Promash, now use BeerSmith. BeerTools is also out there but not as intuitive or easy to use as BeerSmith, though there is a new version that just came out. I have both BeerSmith and BeerTools and prefer BeerSmith for ease of use as well as greater functionality. Brad from BeerSmith also offers excellent support and contributes to the community. They all offer free trials for 21 to 30 days so download them and check them out. There are other options for Mac that I'm not familiar with. Mike Schwartz Beer Barons of Milwaukee beerbarons.org worldofbeerfestival.com Born to brew, forced to work... Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 22:07:08 -0500 From: Paul Hethmon <phethmon at hethmon.com> Subject: Learning how to taste So I got myself roped into teaching yet another BJCP class for the tasting exam. This time I would like to focus more on how to taste. The facts and styles are pretty easy to convey but how do you best teach someone (or yourself) what something tastes like? We use a lot of words in judging that do have commonly accepted meanings. Words like bready, roast, citrus, and floral are pretty common and obvious aromas and flavors (mostly). But what about the odder flavors and subtle flavors? What do you use to teach someone else what you are tasting? Distinguishing between different malts or different hops? Resources? Books? Cheers Paul Oak Leaf Brewery Farragut, Tennessee (And apparent Rennarian would go here normally if I weren't lazy) Sent from my iPad Return to table of contents
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