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  Yeast Questions (Robert Tower)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 18:50:05 -0500 From: Robert Tower <robertjamestower at gmail.com> Subject: Yeast Questions I recently ran an experiment that I've wanted to try for a long time. I had a bad batch of yeast (I think it got too cold) and was stuck with a fresh batch of wort (a blond Kolsch-like base) and no beer yeast. Instead, I direct pitched an appropriate amount of dry wine yeast (K1V-1116). It took off within a couple of hours and by the next day an extremely thick head had formed with what looked like a tan/brown leathery outer skin. The temperature during fermentation has floated between 58-62 F. After five days the head finally developed some cracks and began falling. However, through the cracks white foam is bubbling up gently. I'm guessing by now it's chewed through all the simple sugars and is now struggling with the malt sugars. Has anyone here tried fermenting beer entirely with wine yeast? How well did it attenuate and what was the flavor profile like? How long did it take to finish? Another yeast question I had was regarding lager yeast harvesting and/or repitching. I recently moved to a much cooler climate and so lager brewing without refrigeration is now a possibility. I've consulted all my brewing books but without exception they only discuss havesting/repitching techniques for ale yeasts. I'm going to be brewing utilizing open fermentation so access for harvesting will not be problematic. I would assume top cropping is not possible due to the bottom dwelling nature of lager strains. Am I left with scooping off the bottom after primary and culturing up a starter for the next batch? Or should I try harvesting prior to the end of primary (or at some other stage)? Since I'm not using a cylindroconical "dumping the cone" is not an option. Cheers, Bob Tower North Braddock, PA www.rjtowerbrewing.com Return to table of contents
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