HOMEBREW Digest #138 Fri 28 April 1989

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  Old Ale Query (Andy Newman)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 27 Apr 89 16:05 EDT From: Andy Newman <NEWMAN at Venus.YCC.Yale.Edu> Subject: Old Ale Query Greetings: A bit over a week ago I was feeling lazy and decided to try a "beer kit" instead of putting together my own formulae. I chose Munton and Fison's Old Ale kit mostly due to the slightly unusual instructions printed on the back label. I made a double batch. The directions called for using no corn sugar and roughly 3.6 gallons per 7 pounds of malt extract (the actual recipe specifies the number of cans of water ala orange juice). In addition, no priming sugar is used when bottling (!!). I followed the recipe exactly except I added 3 tsp. of Gypsum to the wort. Well...on Monday I bottled the stuff. If had fermented to completion. The hydrometer was stable at 1.020 (o.g. was 1.058) and the fast bulk of the yeast had settled out. Out of curiosity I tasted some of the green beer still in the fermentor. It was INCREDIBLY bitter and seemed quite alcoholic. My questions is...What exactly IS Old Ale, and roughly what is it supposed to taste like (opinions are welcome on this last question)? Did I screw up? What is this going to taste like when it's mature? Is 4 weeks long enough to mature it? I've made bitters, pale ales, stouts and browns and nothing has ever tasted this bitter right out of the fermenter. I guess I'm more curious than worried....HELP! -Andy Newman Return to table of contents
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