HOMEBREW Digest #144 Fri 05 May 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Re: "fading taste" and re: "Old Ale Query" (Timothy C. Phillips)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 4 May 89 18:33:33 PDT From: tcp at esl.ESL.COM (Timothy C. Phillips) Subject: Re: "fading taste" and re: "Old Ale Query" Two questions dear to my palate have come up recently: First of all, David Benjamin writes: >I've just brewed my first batch of beer..... >it tastes almost like water by the time it gets to the back of the tongue I also have noticed this in my first couple of extract brews (I began brewing four months ago). I noted the reply from florianb about using gypsum, and will try this in the future. Prior to this, however, I was told by my local homebrew shop to add malto-dextrin (i.e. nonfer- mentable sugar). I haven't personally verified this approach yet. Does this also work? What are some other thoughts on how to fix the fading taste? Secondly, Andy Newman writes: >Well...on Monday I bottled the stuff. If had fermented to completion. >The hydrometer was stable at 1.020 (o.g. was 1.058) and the fast bulk >of the yeast had settled out. Out of curiosity I tasted some of the >green beer still in the fermentor. It was INCREDIBLY bitter and ... I just brewed a batch of Edme Strong Ale that had very similar qualities at bottling time. O.g. was 1.060 and f.g. was 1.017. I have tasted my other beers at bottling; they were flat and yeasty, of course, but they were at least drinkable. This stuff was well beyond what I could stomach, and in general I like bitter (hey, I even chew my aspirin without water!). Frankly, I am scared to open a bottle of this stuff (it has been in bot- tles for a week now). Will aging help that much? I am asking both for curiosity's sake and for a friend that will be brew the same can of strong ale in about a week. Further comments will be greatly appreciated! -Timothy C. Phillips Return to table of contents
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