HOMEBREW Digest #150 Sat 13 May 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Growing hops, multiple sprouts (Bob Clark - Sun Engineering)
  Hops in primary (florianb)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 12 May 89 14:42:12 PDT From: bobc at Sun.COM (Bob Clark - Sun Engineering) Subject: Growing hops, multiple sprouts I've just started some hops growing from a rhizome, and one of them has sent up several shoots. I've read some growing advice which recommended pinching off all but the healthiest sprout. Well, I'm eager for as many plants as I can get to grow. Can I somehow separate the sprouts and get several different plants, or do I run the risk of killing off my one, guaranteed plant? Thanks! Bob Clark Sun Microsystems, Mt. View, CA Return to table of contents
Date: 12 May 89 17:29:55 PDT (Fri) From: florianb%tekred.cna.tek.com at RELAY.CS.NET Subject: Hops in primary In HB.DIG #149, Gregg TeHennepe asks about the danger of a hop or two getting into the primary fermenter. This is no problem at all. Relax. Read up on dry hopping in a (younger) homebrew book. Pete Soper talks about increasing pH with boiling. I interpret this as a concentration of the alkaline ions. I recommend stop boiling the water. If you want to sterilize it, simply heat it to boiling. Try acidifying it with, say, citric acid. Anyone have a better method? Return to table of contents
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