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  BMW Virus ALERT! ("Robert W. Mech")
  Warm weather brewing (Ray Robert)
  Juniper Berries (Brian Wurst)
  Long Ferment (Guy Mason)
  Geometry and Stratification ("Manning Martin MP")
  HOAX! The PC  "Good Times" email virus (Steve Robinson)
  RE: Lindeman Kriek Lambic (derk)
  Re: Beer Across America & Others ("Paul A. Hausman")
  Scotch Ale Recipe Request ("Timothy P. Laatsch)
  Carboy Glug-No More ("Craig A. Janson")
  Cheap way to incubate wort (Zeb Brown)
  Yeasts for 55-60F ferments (Geoffrey Talvola)
  Virus is a hoax ("Schuettke, Thomas P")
  Kegs & Cold Plates (John McCauley)
  build a roller  mill retry (Bob_McIlvaine)
  Mash Tun Geometry ("Todd M. McGuinness")
  Re: Need help/suggestions for siphoning (David Desroches)
  Re: Need help/suggestions for siphoning (HBD#1600) (Guy Garnett)
  Slow cider (JWHITE)
  Re: Winter Yeasts (Randy M. Davis)
  Kitchen Aid Grain Mill (t.duchesneau)
  Low/no alcohol beer / Hop oil for bittering (Keith Frank)
  Top vs. Bottom / Temp. Swings / Malt Mail Order / HBD Value (npyle)
  Convection/Source of heat ("Manning Martin MP")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 9 Dec 1994 03:45:17 -0600 (CST) From: "Robert W. Mech" <rwmech at eagle.ais.net> Subject: BMW Virus ALERT! Beware of the BMW (Bite My Weenie) Virus It Is Sent In Email And Will Destroy Your Harddrive. Here is the virus itself! - --- CUT HERE --- begin 600 bmw &1'5H82$* end - --- CUT HERE --- Oh No! Your harddrive has been deleted! NOT! Ok, ENOUGH FOLKS. The HBD is *NOT* repeat *NOT* the place for this stuff. The last HBD had at least 4 different Virus information postings in it. The only Virus' I want to hear about are one that are going to infect my beer. Myth And Truth... First off, No piece of *email* can delete your harddrive. In order for email to delete your harddrive, you would have to run it, decode it, whatever. READING it is not going to delete ANYTHING. The only FAR FAR FAR possibility of *ANYTHING* happening from reading email would be some Bizzare ANSI codes that remap your keyboard and fool it into typeing something like rm -r * or del *.*. In either case this is next to IMPOSSIBLE with today's mail readers/viewers so unless you are on a IBM XT with 64K of ram, I wouldnt loose sleep over it. Secondly, the only way that you COULD get a virus on your system by the way of Email is via a UUENCODED message, (Or a file attach via AOL). In which case you would have to decode it and then RUN it. If you are stupid enough to UUDECODE and run a program from which you have no clue where it came, you have to either be a complete moron, or have had 1 to many homebrews. Most people *NEVER* run/decode anything if they dont know its origin. This "good time" BS was obviously started by somone who thought it would be a great joke to scare the piss out of the niave users on AOL. It worked, I even got this message here at work (Where we dont have *ANY* inet access). Before you all yell "but what if...". Look, the above is FACT. Quit being paranoid. Do you really think that if it was possible for somone to delete an entire harddrive by reading mail, they wouldnt of thought of a more intresting target? president at whitehouse.gov ? Come on people, get a clue here... You dont think that if it was possible it wouldnt have been posted to EVERY NEWSGROUP? How about the HBD Itself? Enough said. Lets get back to brewing and get off this stupid subject. I do apologize for my waste of bandwith on the HBD, but with luck this will be the last we will need to see of this topic. - -- Robert W. Mech - rwmech at eagle.ais.net Freelance IS Support / Administration / Programming "If you want to get it done right, pay somone else to do it for you." Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 94 09:08:00 PST From: Ray Robert <rayr at bah.com> Subject: Warm weather brewing Hi all, I just move to Florida and I am looking for some tips on warm weather brewing. I usually make either extract or partial mash batches. I don't run into any problems regulating temps in the brewing process, its just when it comes to fermenting. The temps in my apartment (in December) are 70-75F. To regulate the temp on my current batch, I have the entire fermentor sitting in a large plastic tub surrounded by water. When I can, I either change the water, or add ice to try to keep the temps from creeping up towards 80F. I am afraid the fluctuating temperatures may harm the beer. As for types of beer, I usually stick with pale/brown ales, but I would like to try my hand at a bock style beer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. As it gets closer to summer, I am anticipating the temperature regulation problem to get much worse. TIA Robert Ray P.S. I know alot of you don't want to hear about my warm weather brew problems at this time of year, but what can I say, I was transferred. ;-) Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 94 14:08:00 -0600 From: brian.wurst at aquila.com (Brian Wurst) Subject: Juniper Berries In HBD#1598, robertjm at ix.netcom.com (Robert Marshall) wrote: - ---------------------- Subject: juniper berries Ok, I harvested the juniper berries that were on our junipers in front of the house. I got the idea from a thread of posts in rec.crafts.drink.beer, or one of the other lists. Anyway, my question is how much I should use for a batch. I am either going to make a 2.8 gallon or a 5 gallon batch. I have not decided which. Any suggestions on quantity of berries to use? Thanks in advance. - --------------------------- I thoroughly crushed a bunch of juniper berries and used 1/4 cup of the resultant mush in a 2 gal. batch of porter. A taste at bottling was enough to make the hoppiest hophead writhe in delight...incredibly, excessively bitter! I allowed it to condition and age for 4 months whereupon the brew had settled into a fine beer, without the (IMHO) excessive bitterness and just a kiss of juniper after the hop bitterness had faded. Just a data point. YMMV. Caveat brewer. Brian Wurst (brian.wurst at aquila.com) "Nature has formed you, desire has trained you, fortune has preserved you for this insanity." -Cicero Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 94 8:52:43 EST From: Guy Mason <guy at polo.matrixnet.com> Subject: Long Ferment Greetings HBDer's An Internet-challenged brewer friend is making his first lager (Rocky Racoon's Honey Lager). This brew has been in the fridge bubbling away every 30-45 seconds for three weeks. He used the Munich lager liquid yeast from Wyeast with a 2 cup starter. He has no OG reading and is beginning to worry, he's running out of Toad Spit stout. Any suggestions??? I thought about trying to get a specific gravity reading but don't know if that will tell me much without an OG. Thanx - -- Guy Mason - Single White Homebrewer, Cheshire CT Matrix Software Shelton, CT guy at matrixnet.com Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 1994 08:56:44 -0500 From: ambroser at apollo.dml.georgetown.edu (Bob Ambrose) Subject: HOW YOU CAN AND CAN'T GET A VIRUS You CANNOT get a virus by reading text. You CANNOT get a virus by viewing a graphics file, such as a GIF. You CANNOT get a virus by downloading ANY file. The only way you CAN get a virus is by downloading an executable file and then executing it. A VIRUS MUST BE IN AN EXECUTABLE FILE (.COM .EXE, etc) BEFORE IT WILL WORK. This is because a virus is EXECUTABLE OBJECT CODE. If it isn't executable, you can't get a virus from it. I would encourage anyone to send me private e-mail that proves you can get a virus from reading AOL E-mail. That's like saying you can get a virus by reading the HBD! Return to table of contents
Date: 9 Dec 1994 09:04:34 U From: "Manning Martin MP" <manning_martin_mp at mcst.ae.ge.com> Subject: Geometry and Stratification On internal convection in fermentors, Dr. John M. Pratte writes: >While there are density differences due to >temperature, there are also density differences due to the >multicomponents in the fluid: alcohol, water, and sugar. These >differences can also cause/inhibit convection in the tank and their >effect would depend on what kind of yeast is being used (top vs. >bottom fermenting). There may be some stratification of density initially, if the kettle wort is blended with water, or a large yeast starter is used, but this will soon be mixed out. I have never heard of beer stratifying once the wort has become homogenious. Anybody? MPM Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 94 09:35:11 EST From: Steve Robinson <Steve.Robinson a