HOMEBREW Digest #162 Sun 28 May 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Re: aluminium effects on restaurants (a.e.mossberg)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 May 89 11:27:09 EDT From: aem at mthvax.cs.miami.edu (a.e.mossberg) Subject: Re: aluminium effects on restaurants In HOMEBREW Digest #161, Mike Fertsch sez: >I went to my local restaurant-supply store today, looking for a kettle. I >found stainless and aluminium, but no enameled steel. Based on the above >discussion, I was surprised that restaurants use aluminium pots - do they >get nasty flavors or Alzheimer's disease? What a novel idea -- I've never considered the possibility of restaurants getting Alzheimer's. I don't think they're susceptible, though. >I've was told that enameled steel pots are not allowed in restaurants; the >health authorities are afraid of chipped pots. I'm not sure if they are >worried about the chips themselves, or the reaction of the exposed metal >with the food. Either way, restaurants seem to have no problems using >aluminium, but shy away from enamel because of health risks. As I understand it, many cheap enamels contain lead. So the problem is the chips themselves. No new enameled pots use lead-containing enamels. As for aluminium, while the link has been rumoured for years, only recently has data been available showing a correlation with high brain levels of aluminium and senile dementia/alzheimer's, and the legal machinery moves slowly and laboriously. >Are our requirements that different from restaurants? My feeling is that >they are so I'll look around some more for a 8 gallon enameled steel pot. That's what I'd suggest. I think I saw some in the William's Homebrewing catalogue, but any big department store should also have them. aem -- a.e.mossberg - aem at mthvax.miami.edu - aem at miavax.SPAN - aem at umiami.BITNET Yo no tomo la guitarra por conseguir un aplauso. Yo canto la diferencia que hay de lo cierto y lo falso. De lo contrario no canto. - Violeta Parra Return to table of contents
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