HOMEBREW Digest #30 Mon 19 December 1988

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  Applying science (Darryl Richman)
  Need help with carbonation control... ("Anthony M. Giannone")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 19 Dec 88 05:24:35 PST From: Darryl Richman <darryl at ism780c.isc.com> Subject: Applying science Having just read Cheryl Feinstein's introduction, her profession piques my interest, and perhaps she can provide some more information. I have a high school quality microscope: coarse and fine adjusting, 2 oculars at 10 and 15x, 3 objectives at 5, 20, and 40x, an understage aperture control, and a mirror. I've been through a number of breweries and they all seem to have a lab with a lab microscope. I've looked at yeast starters through this, and by gosh, there are lots and lots of little cells floating around in it. My question is, how can I make use of this to better understand my yeast? How can I determine the yeast density? What stains are useful for seeing the yeast, and what are useful for seeing other infecting agents? What other tools should I acquire to aid me in this endeavor? --Darryl Richman (The Falcon's Nest homebrewer's BBS Sysop--818 349 5891) Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 88 09:45:45 EST From: "Anthony M. Giannone" <giannone at ccm.bbn.com> Subject: Need help with carbonation control... Folks, I have just one question before I pop open the first bottle of my holiday brew (Mistletoe Malt). I have been homebrewing for almost four years and the one factor I have had some trouble with is the carbonation level. I have always used all-malt (extract) recipies and I prime with corn sugar (usually about 1/3 cup). My results have varied from semi-flat to champagne levels of carbonation. Is there some way of determining how much priming sugar to use (if any)? I'd appreciate any information you could provide. thanks and Happy Holidays, tony g Return to table of contents
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