HOMEBREW Digest #331 Tue 26 December 1989

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  Too Much Foam (Douglas J Roberts)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 25 Dec 89 22:57:10 MST From: dzzr%beta at LANL.GOV (Douglas J Roberts) Subject: Too Much Foam > Having nothing else on hand I decided to give it a > try. I transfered it from the carboy to a keg and put it under > pressure to carbonate about five days ago at 35 psi. The last > batch was done in a similar manner. When I tapped off a glass of > the last batch, I had to tap very slowly to avoid getting a glass > of foam. This batch seems to be impossible to tap. All I get is > foam. Can anybody suggest where I might have gone wrong? Any > suggestions would be appreciated. I do believe you ran the pressure up about 3.5 times too high. All you really want to have on a Cornelius-type keg is ~10 psi. Go much higher, and it'll be foam city every time. - --Doug Return to table of contents
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