HOMEBREW Digest #384 Mon 26 March 1990

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  hop update (Pete Soper)
  beer sample (Pete Soper)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 23 Mar 90 21:20:16 EST From: Pete Soper <soper at maxzilla.encore.com> Subject: hop update florianb at tekred.cna.tek.com spreads this wild rumor: >I saw my first hops buds poking up through the soil this week. Anyone else? I've got two Nugget and two Cascade buds showing today (3/23) after planting 3/12. Go, hops, go! I gave up on Freshops incidently. I know they are good people, but 5 (#$!#!) phone calls without being able to place an order was too much for me. I ordered Cascade, Willamette and Tettnanger from Nichols. The rhizomes arrived a few days later, packed very well. I'd like to believe my experience with Freshops was just weird bad luck and hesitate to say anything beyond this. - --Pete Soper Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 90 20:34:35 EST From: Pete Soper <soper at maxzilla.encore.com> Subject: beer sample I spent some time at a local supermarket today going over the beers for sale there and made some notes about their date codes that I thought you might find interesting. As a preface, I found an old "Zymurgy" that had an article about Anchor written by Dick Dunn. Aside from a lot of other interesting stuff Dick explained Anchor's date code system. You look at the label like a clock face and the position of the notch cut in the label is the month the beer was made. I was on the verge of buying some Liberty Ale but, thanks to Dick's information I said "No thanks" to that idea after examining the labels. Where I list the code as "reg notches" I mean that my decoder patterned after Chuck (fastest something or other) Cox's and Dave Suurballe's information was used. Here are my notes: Beer dates code notes Anchor Liberty Ale 1/89,8/89,9/89 clock notch The layer of dust told 10/89 me the Jan bottles were most likely last year's Anchor Porter 5/89 clock notch Anchor Steam 6/89,10/89 clock notch Bass ale red line A red line on the back label seems to indicate the date. We need to figure out this one. Carlsberg Lager notches but nonsense Courage Amber Lager 5/10/89,4/20/89 reg notches Guinness Stout 10/2/89 reg notches Harp Lager 2/13/90 reg notches Kronenberg Lager notches but nonsense Mackeson Triple Stout 11/24/88 reg notches Now this is *old* Pironi 7/27/89 wide notches like regular notches but spacing a bit wide Sapporo 3 lines 3 lines on back label in various positions Sierra Nev. Pale Ale 9/13/89,9/23/89 reg notches Sam Adams 6/89 notch on month St. Pauli Girl notches but nonsense Swiss Lowenbrau notches but nonsense Whitbread Ale 11/21/89 reg notches I've been tracking some of the British beers for several months now. I'm convinced that this part of the world only gets these beers once or twice a year. Sierra Nevada on the other hand is available 2-6 weeks old depending upon where you look. - --Pete Soper Return to table of contents
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