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  Machined-Copper Cleaning ("Braam Greyling")
  Re: Iodophore Stain Removal ("Jonathan Royce")
  Grain Containers ("Dennis Collins")
  Predicting Colour ("Drew Avis")
   ("Gary Glass")
  Conical 10 Gallon was Re:10 gallon cornies ("badger")
  AHA-NHC Great Lakes call for judges/stewards (Joe Preiser)
  Moving Brews--any news? ("Neil Kushnir")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 10:25:40 +0200 From: "Braam Greyling" <braam.greyling at azoteq.com> Subject: Machined-Copper Cleaning Hi everybody, This weekend I made a new Counterflow chiller with the 15mm copperpipe that is used for watersupply in houses. I am worried about the inside of the copperpipe. I think there might be lubricants and other unwanted stuff inside the copper pipe. I am not sure how it is machined into a pipe. What chemical can I use to clean it? I dont want to end up with oily stout or leady-lager... Thanks and best regards Braam Greyling Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 04:13:01 -0800 (PST) From: "Jonathan Royce" <jtroyce at directvinternet.com> Subject: Re: Iodophore Stain Removal Fred L. Johnson" asked: > Is there a good way to remove Iodophore stains from > vinyl flooring, Formica counter tops, etc. My wife and I have light colored formica counters and I have yet to find a stain that cannot be removed by Soft Scrub with Bleach and a good sponge. I can't confirm that Iodophore stains will come off with this stuff, but it certainly would be the first thing that I tried. HTH, Jon Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 08:33:55 -0500 From: "Dennis Collins" <dcollins at drain-all.com> Subject: Grain Containers Sorry to chime in late on this. There has been some discussion on air tight grain containers, plastic pails, pet food bins, etc. For those who have the time, zip lock bags are an ideal air tight grain container. When I get my 50-55 lb sack of grain, I'll sit down with my scale and weigh out the entire bag in 4 lb and 1 lb increments. A 1 gallon zip lock holds 4 lbs of grain and the quart size holds 1 lb. 10 bags of each wipes out the entire sack. Also, the zip locks are reusable, plus you can label the bag with the type of grain and the date it was bagged. I use the white Avery labels and then when the zip lock gets reused and I want to put a different grain in it, I stick on another label over the old one and re-label. Storing grain this way saves some time on brew day since you only have to grab a few bags and then only weigh out increments less than a pound. FWIW. Dennis Collins Knoxville, TN http://sdcollins.home.mindspring.com Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 10:16:52 -0500 From: "Drew Avis" <andrew_avis at hotmail.com> Subject: Predicting Colour Hello brewers, A StrangeBrew user has recently pointed out to me that the predicted colour for his recipes does not match those same recipes when entered in the Recipator. SB applies the extract efficiency to the grain's lovibond rating to get the MCU number, an approach which appears to be unconventional. A quick check reveals that the Recipator (and some of the other applications I tested) does not account for extract efficiency when calculating colour. In fact, Ray Daniels' book _Designing Great Beers_ discusses the common method for predicting colour (adding the MCUs of the grains, then mapping to an SRM) does not account for efficiency either. As someone who regularly does parti-gyle beers, I know that this is simply incorrect. When I brew a large and small beer from the same mash, the first beer accounts for about 2/3 of the extract, while the second beer accounts for 1/3. The second beer has a much lighter colour as well, although I can't say that it has 50% less colour. Clearly there is an extract curve for colour. So, any thoughts on refinements to predicting colour based on MCUs? Is the curve for sugar extract equivalent to the curve for colour extract? Cheers! Drew Avis, Merrickville, Ontario ~ http://www.strangebrew.ca Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:38:05 -0700 From: "Gary Glass" <gary at aob.org> Subject: Hey Everyone, I wanted to pass on an update on the American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition coming up in April. We have had to switch the site for the Southern Regionals from Austin to Houston, so please disregard the Shipping Information published in Zymurgy. The new shipping address is: NHC 2002 C/o DeFalco's Home Wine & Beer Supplies 8715 Stella Link Houston, TX 77025 The entry deadline is April 3-12 and judging will be held April 26-28. If you are interested in judging or stewarding for the competition, contact Bev Blackwood at bdb2 at bdb2.com. Actually, we can use more judges at all of the regional sites. For more information on the competition, including contacts for judging, check out http://www.beertown.org/AHA/NHC/index.htm. The NHC is the largest and most prestigious homebrew competition in the world! Last year we had 2,674 entries, bringing the total number of entries in the 23 years of this competition to 38,817! The final round of the competition will be held at the AHA National Homebrewers Conference in Irving, TX June 20-21. Location: The Wilson World Hotel, Irving, TX (http://www.wilsonhotels.com/wwirving/wwirving.html, 972-513-0800), home of the Bluebonnet Competition. It's about 5 minutes from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, with free shuttle to the hotel available. Rooms are available for $59/night (this is a great deal!). Booking rooms early would not be a bad idea as the rooms might all fill up. Be sure to mention that you are booking a room for the AHA National Homebrewers Conference to ensure you get the special conference rate. The registration form can be found in the March/April Zymurgy and should be up on www.beertown.org shortly. Things will officially kick off early Thursday afternoon, although there will be a pre-conference pubcrawl Wednesday night. NHC Second Round Judging will take place Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. We'll have talks Thursday afternoon and all day Friday and Saturday. Thursday Night: Club Night featuring homebrew and food from clubs across the country Friday Night: Most likely a Texas Brewers Guild Event featuring Texas Craft Brew Saturday Night: Grand Banquet and Awards Ceremony There will be exhibitors featuring homebrew equipment and ingredients throughout the conference and a hospitality suite hosted by various clubs serving homebrew into the wee hours of the night. Good Luck in the Competition and I hope to see you at the Conference! Gary Glass, Project Coordinator AHA Project Coordinator NHC Competition Director 888-U-CAN-BREW (303) 447-0816 x 121 gary at aob.org www.beertown.org Don't miss the Craft Brewers Conference in Cleveland April 10-13. http://www.beertown.org/IBS/CBC2002/index.htm Join the AHA today at http://www.beertown.org/AHA/ahabens.htm Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:07:04 -0800 From: "badger" <badger at badger.cx> Subject: Conical 10 Gallon was Re:10 gallon cornies > From: Bill Wible <bill at brewbyyou.net> > Subject: Re:10 gallon cornies > The reason they are so hard to come by is that everybody > cuts them up and makes conical fermenters out of them, > due to their size. They are highly desireable, and what you say intrigues me.. I am fortunate enough to have 2 of them.. I snapped them up when someone a brewing list I am on was selling them for cheap, even though I've been out of brewing for over a year (want to get back to it this summer though). I hadn't considered this kind of mod to them, and I am curious as to what the cost of getting this modification done might range? And to open a potential kettle of fish.. What benefits do you get from a conical fermentor anyway? is it just the ability to drop the yeast/gunk out the bottom, and keep fermenting (ie: secondary) in the same container? badger Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 18:00:27 -0600 From: Joe Preiser <jpreiser at attbi.com> Subject: AHA-NHC Great Lakes call for judges/stewards Call for judges and stewards for the AHA National Homebrew Competition 1st Round judging to be held at the Rock Bottom, 1 West Grand Ave. at State in Downtown Chicago. Judging this year will be held on the weekend of April 26-28 with primary judging on Saturday, April 27 beginning at 9:00 a.m. This year we have reacquired 1 state (Ohio) which puts our projected count at over 500 entries. We'd love to complete the judging in as short a time as possible but can only do this with adequate judge and steward support. Lunch will be provided by Rock Bottom's award-winning chef Chip Fegert and beer will be supplied by their equally award-winning brewer Pete Crowley. If that's not enough, we "may" even go out for a beer or two after the judging is completed on Saturday. The Rock Bottom is a scant few feet away from the Grand Ave. stop of the Red Line "L". It is also a brisk walk or a quick cab ride from the 3 downtown Metra Stations. Nearby parking is also available. Contact Joe Preiser at joe at chibeer.org or 630.759.4569 to confirm your attendance. Please note whether you will judge or steward and WHICH DAYS you will be available. Out-of-towners may also inquire as to the availability of beds-for-brewers. Join us for some great homebrew, food and commercial beer. See you there. Jeff Sparrow jeff at chibeer.org (mailto:jeff at chibeer.org) National Homebrew Competition - Site Coordinator Joe Preiser joe at chibeer.org (mailto:joe at chibeer.org) National Homebrew Competition - Judge Coordinator Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 22:39:02 -0500 From: "Neil Kushnir" <neilk27 at hotmail.com> Subject: Moving Brews--any news? I know the subject came up about a month ago but was never answered here. Does anyone have ANY idea what happened to Moving Brews? Are they still in business? Will they ever come back from their "winter break" that started last Christmas? There's no way to reach them via e-mail or telephone. Thanks! Neil Kushnir in Montreal Return to table of contents
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