HOMEBREW Digest #40 Sat 31 December 1988

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  Off taste from autolysis? (Martin Weinberg) (Martin Weinberg)
  a note on sterilizing bottles (Dick Dunn)
  finding bottles and cases (Dick Dunn)
  RE: bottles in CO (Roger Rose)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 30 Dec 88 21:14:56 EST From: weinberg at duvel.ias.edu (Martin Weinberg) Subject: Off taste from autolysis? (Martin Weinberg) We brewed some pale ale recently which is flawed only in that it has an aftertaste, or rather, a taste when burped. Otherwise, the pale ale has the desired taste profile. This strange burp flavor is slightly medicinal and has occurred in a honey ale as well. However, it is missing from a recently brewed porter. We have been using dry EDME yeast and wonder if the taste results from a compound leeching from autolysing yeast. Any comments or advice on how to rid our brew of this subtle yet unpleasant contaminant? Return to table of contents
Date: 30 Dec 88 23:29:25 MST (Fri) From: hplabs!utah-cs!cs.utexas.edu!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn) Subject: a note on sterilizing bottles out of a recent brewsletter... > When I prepare to bottle, I put my cleaned bottles in my oven and > bake them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, then let them cool overnight. Don't do this. Although a temperature of 300 F may not seem too high, remember that there are going to be spots in the oven which will be much hotter for short intervals. Heating beer bottles (which, after all, aren't designed to be high-quality sturdy glassware) to such tempera- tures, unevenly, will weaken the glass and increase the chance of a bottle bursting if the carbonation is a little on the high side. --- Dick Dunn {ncar;ico;stcvax}!raven!rcd (303)494-0965 Return to table of contents
Date: 31 Dec 88 01:03:42 MST (Sat) From: hplabs!utah-cs!cs.utexas.edu!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn) Subject: finding bottles and cases I'd like to put a slightly different twist on Richard Stern's request for information on bottles. I've been using non-returnable, non-twist-off bottles for a long time. Specifically, I use a combination of Anchor and large Tooth's Sheaf Stout bottles--the Anchor bottles are the most space- efficient I've found; the Tooth's bottles aren't bad, they match up, etc. No troubles; the bottles have held up fine. And somehow I don't have any trouble obtaining them (especially the Anchor bottles); they just seem to keep showing up. What I WOULD like to find is some source for cases to put them in for carrying around, holding bottles during bottling, etc. Right now I'm using the original cardboard cases. These would seem to be a source of dust and a repository for bacteria and other beer buglies. It would be nice to find either plastic carriers which fit the beer bottles and have dividers OR some Q&D (well, not very D) way to make durable cases with a smooth finish. --- Dick Dunn {ncar;ico;stcvax}!raven!rcd (303)494-0965 Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 88 12:41:16 MST From: rlr at stcvax.UUCP (Roger Rose) Subject: RE: bottles in CO Richard Stern asks: > ... > I'd settle for 12 oz if I can find them in the hard storage cases. > Can folks out there (especially those in Colorado) tell me where they get > bottles?? Are the non-returnable (and non twist-off) bottles thick enough > glass?? Am I really going to have to drink commercial beer until I have > enough bottles?? Thanks for any help you can give!! > ... Some non-returnable bottles do work. Anchor Steam bottles seem to be a favorite. I've placed some heavily carbinated meads (1 cup priming/5 gal.) and never had trouble with them. If your area has a recycling center, they might have various bottles for sale. Another source is other homebrewers. Many of us seem to save bottles in the belief that we might suddenly be taken with an urge to quadruple our brewing. Roger Rose UUCP: {ncar nbires handel}!stcvax!rlr Return to table of contents
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