HOMEBREW Digest #427 Tue 29 May 1990

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  Wyeast bursting (Ed Sieja)
  Red Star Yeast (Doug Roberts)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 28 May 90 8:13:15 CDT From: Ed Sieja <ems!ems at uunet.UU.NET> Subject: Wyeast bursting I recently had a problem with a packet of Wyeast bursting. But my problem was that it bursted when I was breaking the inner seal to initiate the packet. I placed it on the counter and applied the usual pressure with the base of my palm and *BLAM* the thing just exploded - sending yeast and wort on the counter and floor. I did contact the shop that I had purchased the Wyeast from and did get a replacement. The proprietor informed me that there have been quite a few problems with the new larger packets and that many have burst in the above mentioned manner. All since going to the new larger envelopes. Most all have broken at the "fill point". I did send the defective packet back to be analyzed. I was using the Wyeast wheat but it does not seem to be limited to any one strain. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Ed Sieja / Strictly / | | Intergraph Corp. / My / ...!uunet!ingr!b17c!ems!ems (uunet) | | Huntsville, AL / Opinions / b17c!ems!ems at ingr.com (internet) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 28 May 90 21:44:40 MDT From: roberts%studguppy at LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts) Subject: Red Star Yeast On the subject of Red Star yeast: It was I who was mouthing bad about Red Star's dry ale yeast product, and for those not already familier with the subject, I'd like to tell you all why. Where to start? Hmm, well, maybe I'll just jump right in with the facts: It makes lousy beer. The evidence: 1. From the 1989 Zymurgy Special Yeast Issue, Red Star was evaluated along with 13 other dry ale yeasts, five dry lager yeasts, and three liquid yeasts. Red Star's rating on a scale of 0 - 10: 0. The comments on the qualities that the yeast imparted to the wort were "very highly phenolic". By comparison, the three highest scoring dry ale yeasts were Whitbread, 7, "vanila, honey, floral; John Bull, 7, "fruity, acidic"; and Munton & Fison, 8, "floral, slightly fruity". Unfortunately, certain batches of Munton & Fison have suffered a wild yeast contamination since this article was published. 2. From Byron Burch, author of "Brewing Quality Beers" and proprietor of Great Fermintations in Santa Rosa: "The only reason we carry Red Star yeast is there is a market for it: some people won't pay more than 50 cents for yeast." He told me this in a phone conversation we had last month while discussing Munton & Fison's contamination problems. 3. Personal, comparitive experience: Another member of my home brew club (The HillHoppers, of Los Alamos) and I brewed identical brown ale recipes. My starting gravity was 1.042 and his was 1.043. My end gravity was 1.008, his was was 1.022. My brown ale was a nice, dry London brown; his was cloyingly sweet because Red Star is not very attenuative, _and_ it was highly phenolic to boot. 4. Most members of my club can now tell upon tasting and smelling a brew that was made with Red Star: it really is kind of nasty. But, different strokes, and all that. I for one, however, would like to see a new product line from the home brew suppliers: pure cultured _dry_ yeasts. I would also like to see Red Star go the way of the dinosaur. I feel it's time has passed (the same way Pabst Blue Ribbon's "Dietetic Malt" time has come and gone) as a quality home brew product. - --Doug ================================================================ Douglas Roberts | Los Alamos National Laboratory |I can resist anything Box 1663, MS F-609 | except temptation. Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 | ... (505)667-4569 |Oscar Wilde dzzr at lanl.gov | ================================================================ Return to table of contents
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