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  Automunged addresses abound! (Pat Babcock)
  Medical Oxygen ("A.J. deLange")
  Ant Hayes (Jim Bermingham)
  Going to Duesseldorf (Alan McKay)
  re:  Memphis brewpubs ("Chuck Dougherty")
  Dusseldorf (Jim Busch)
  Re: Going to Dusseldorf ("Lori Brown")
  Philly O'fest (DSCP)" <Mike.Spinelli@dla.mil>
  RE: How to sweeten a brew? ("Steve Dale-Johnson")
  Re: Brewpubs in Portland Oregon (Mark W Wilson)
  Iron in my well Water ("Ira Edwards")
  Spooky Brew 2003 ("zemo")
  Alaskan Smoked Porter Recipe Question ("Jeff Storm")
  Dusseldorf Bier (rickdude02)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 21:21:18 -0400 (EDT) From: Pat Babcock <pbabcock at hbd.org> Subject: Automunged addresses abound! Greetings, Beerlings! Hide your email addresses from me! Today's Digest is a milestone: the maiden voyage of the HBD On-The-Fly Automunger! Yes, the HBD is now munging the addresses of posters in the emailed and the archived versions of the HBD - that, or it is broken, and you've received no Digest today. Hopefully the former. In any case, I set the system so that it backed up the incoming post directory prior to doing anything with the Digest - just in case. For the future, remember that if you pop the at symbol in your post, it will be converted to the word version (no sophistication here...) Programmatically yours, -p - -- - God bless America! Pat Babcock in SE Michigan pbabcock at hbd.org Home Brew Digest Janitor janitor at hbd.org HBD Web Site http://hbd.org The Home Brew Page http://hbd.org/pbabcock [18, 92.1] Rennerian "I don't want a pickle. I just wanna ride on my motorsickle" - Arlo Guthrie Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:19:19 +0000 From: "A.J. deLange" <ajdel at cox.net> Subject: Medical Oxygen I seem to remember that a smidgeon of CO2 is added to prevent alkosis but I wouldn't swear to it. A.J. Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 07:48:24 -0500 From: Jim Bermingham <JBHAM6843 at netscape.net> Subject: Ant Hayes There is a nice Brewer's Profile article on Ant Hayes, HBD contributor from S. Africa, in this month's edition of BYO magazine. The article also has pictures of Ant and his brewery. Jim Bermingham Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 08:59:23 -0400 From: Alan McKay <amckay at neap.net> Subject: Going to Duesseldorf John, Can't help you there, but judging by your email addy you are coming all the way from Aus, so it would be an awful shame to go all that distance and not visit Cologne, too. It's only a half hour away by train, and most of the best places are within a 5 minute walk of the Cologne trainstation. See my Beerdrinkers Guide to Cologne for details : http://www.bodensatz.com/staticpages/index.php?page=20020628122530308 And email me if you have any questions. - -- http://www.bodensatz.com/ TCP/IP: telecommunication protocol for imbibing pilsners (Man-page of Unix-to-Unix beer protocol on Debian/GNU Linux) Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 08:25:40 -0500 From: "Chuck Dougherty" <jdougherty at wlj.com> Subject: re: Memphis brewpubs A couple of people have mentioned the Bosco's in Germantown, but unfortunately that location is closed. Bosco's Squared in downtown is still there though. If you visit on a weekday try the cask conditioned ale; the daily offering is posted on their web site at http://www.boscosbeer.com/index.html. Incidentally, Bosco's new location here in Little Rock just opened a couple of weeks ago. I am looking forward to their full beer line being on tap, and my wife, whose law office is directly above the brewpub, is just glad they are finally finished remodeling. Chuck Dougherty Little Rock, AR Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, Sep 18 2003 10:50:44 GMT-0400 From: Jim Busch <jim at victorybeer.com> Subject: Dusseldorf Ah, one of my favorite beer hunting towns, I enjoy it even more than the Ofest you will be missing. Three hausbrauerei downtown not to be missed, plus one in the shopping district. In the Altstadt I like to start with 6 servings at Zum Schlussel (the Key). Dont overdo yourself here, you have much more to sample. I then go to Im Fueschen (the Crafy Fox) for another 6 or so, and use them to wash down their most excellent Sweinenhaxn (pork knuckle extrodinaire!). Now with a proper base in the system, one can move on to the penultimate location for beer, Zum Uerige. Finish the nite here with as many as you can stomach. The one in town is called Schumacher and they also have a tap outlet in the Altstadt. And if thats not enough for you, you can also get fresh Urquell and Budvar in the Altstadt too! Me, Ive never gotten out of the hausbrauerei to find out..... Prost! Jim Busch Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 08:17:26 -0700 From: "Lori Brown" <loribrown at worldnet.att.net> Subject: Re: Going to Dusseldorf I was just in Dusseldorf in May. If you get a chance, pick up the CBSS book Altbier and read it on the plane to give yourself a little background info before you taste. I recommend going to four places (at a minimum) while you are in town: Fuchschen (28 Ratingerstrasse), Uerige (1 Bergerstrasse), and Schlussel (43 Bolkerstrasse). All three of these are in the old town. The fourth is Schumacher (123 Oststrasse) is about a 10 minute walk from the old town. Pick up a map from the tourist office and they have the breweries located for you on the map! Uerige and Fuchschen have more malt and higher bitterness. They show the more aggressive end of the style. Schlussel and Schumacher are lighter, less malty, less bitter versions of the style - almost a brown version of alt. It is very interesting to see how different each one of these beers tastes. It is a very wide ranging style. Also, remember - you are less than an hour from Dusseldorf to Cologne. If you need a list of must visit breweries in Cologne, I recommend Fruh (by the cathedral and the train station), Paffgen, Malzmuhle, and Gaffel. Again the CBSS book Kolsch lists addresses for these places. Don't forget to bring back samples - I promise that you will miss these beers once you return to the States. Cheers! Lori Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:09:08 -0400 From: "Spinelli, Mike (DSCP)" <Mike.Spinelli at dla.mil> Subject: Philly O'fest HBDers, FYI, Ludwig's Garten in Philly is having its annual O'fest. The next 2 Saturdays. Mike Cherry Hill NJ Details here: http://www.ludwigsgarten.com/oktoberfest.htm Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 10:59:06 -0700 From: "Steve Dale-Johnson" <sdalejohnson at hotmail.com> Subject: RE: How to sweeten a brew? Charles Gee (of we know not where, but apparently in Canada) asks about making a sweeter brew. I have used lactose in the past to make a sweet "milk" stout and added it at priming to just a portion of the beer with the priming dextrose when I used to bottle. Aside from realizing that I don't like sweet beers, it worked well and the ladies loved it. It has a sweeter taste than maltodextrin, which simply appears to add body. It is available from many brew stores and is non fermentable by brewing yeast. As for the foaming gushers you have experienced with maltodextrin, very little of powdered maltodextrin is fermentable, as I have been told the amount is +\- 5%. If you are experiencing gushers in time, it is more likely a sanitiation related beer infection, and there is something out there in the wild to ferment any type of sugar, including lactose. Changing your sweetening sugar will likely not help if you have sanitation issues. Steve Dale-Johnson Brewing at (1918 miles, 298 degrees) Rennerian Delta (Vancouver), BC, Canada. Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 11:22:04 -0700 From: Mark W Wilson <mwwilson at ichips.intel.com> Subject: Re: Brewpubs in Portland Oregon > On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 at 16:53:09 -0500, enteract Migrated User <zpat at rcn.com> > wrote: > > I am heading to Portland, Oregon this weekend and am staying > > in the heart of downtown. Anyone have any suggestions for > > brewpubs in the area that are a "must visit". Bridgeport on 13th & NW Marshall is Oregon's oldest and always has 2 of their beers on cask. Pizza. McMenamin's are everywhere. Great funky properties, medicore food & beers. Hammerhead is always good though. Full Sail Pilsener Room on the waterfront has good food (2 Happy hours) and 3 casks. Widmer Gausthaus is just across the river and has good food and tasty, less-availible widmer beers (i.e. Alt, Seasonals, Collaborator). New Old Lompoc on NW 23rd is a fledgling micro that has some original beers. (C-Note (triple-C-hopped to 100IBU), LSD, etc.). Lucky Lab brewpub on 9th & SE Hawthorne is my personal favorite. Peanut shells on the floor kind of place w/ great Bento & beer. I second the recommendations for Portland Brewing & Rogue Public House. Portland B. is making some great small batch beers that you can only get at the brewpub. Higgin's restaurant is downtown on Broadway & Columbia. Amazing Northwest cuisine, huge belgian/import list, and ~12 taps including Hair of the Dog Fred & Greg. There is a bar section but it is often restaurant-only on the weekends. The following eastside pubs (across river from downtown) have great beer selections, too. These are easy to get to on public transit. Rose & Raindrop on Grand & SE Stark. Oysters. Horse Brass on 45th & SE Belmont. Great bottle shop next door. Moon & Sixpence in the Hollywood district. English pub with lots of taps and belgian bottles. Laurelwood brewery is close by, _excellent beer_ (Free Range organic red, space stout, etc.) which makes this pair a good light rail stop. You could also wander up to Gustav's restaurant up the street for great german food and beers. It's an embarrasment of riches, really. Hope you have a good trip! -Mark in Portland. Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 19:40:19 +0000 From: "Ira Edwards" <ira_j_e at hotmail.com> Subject: Iron in my well Water Hi all, my wife and I are looking a renting an older home witha well that appears to have a iron problem. (ie. everything is stained orange). we are looking at the water treatments out there so at least we will be abel to wash our whites in the laundry and not have them come out orange over time. the water does not seem to have any off flavors. I am wondering if there are any treatments I should be aware of that would be detrimental to my all grain brewing adventures, or if there are any really easy solutions that the water treatment companies may not want to tell me... thanks for the help, Ira Edwards Anchorage, Alaska Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 16:29:23 -0500 From: "zemo" <zemo at ameritech.net> Subject: Spooky Brew 2003 Sorry, Linus, there isn't a Great Pumpkin. But, there will be Spooky Brew 2003!! Once again (and not a moment too soon ;-)... Chicago Beer Society presents it's Annual Homebrew Competition SPOOKY BREW REVIEW 2003. Saturday, October 25, 2003 - 9am-5pm This year, our gracious host is GOVNOR'S PUBLIC HOUSE 220 N Randall Rd (just north of Algonquin Rd. (Rt. 62)) Lake in the Hills, IL http://www.govnors.com/prod/publichouse/gph_hours.shtml For a PDFed entry form, go to http://www.chibeer.org/#spooky and follow the link. Entries will be excepted October 8-18 at the brewpub and selected locations (please see the entry form). As always, we'll need Beer Judges and Stewards. Please contact Joe Preiser at joe at chibeer.org All other inquiries, please contact me at zemo at chibeer.org Thanks, and we'll see you there! Zemo Head Organizer (I organize the heads) http://www.chibeer.org/ Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 22:22:32 +0000 From: "Jeff Storm" <homebrewjeff at hotmail.com> Subject: Alaskan Smoked Porter Recipe Question I have a recipe for Alaskan Smoked Porter from the Zymurgy issue this summer. It calls for 2 lbs of smoked malt. I don't have a smoker so I went to the local homebrew shop and they suggested I use English Peated. It has a very smokey odor. I am brewing 10 gallons and he told me to use 1 lb in my malt bill. My question is the recipe in Zymurgy calls for 2lbs in 5 gallons. Are they using less smokey malt in that recipe? I don't want to end up with a beer that is too smokey and undrinkable, yet I want a definate smoke characteristic. Any help is appreciated. Personal emails welcome. Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 18:05:01 -0400 (GMT-04:00) From: rickdude02 at earthlink.net Subject: Dusseldorf Bier John Kennedy asks about finding good beer in Dusseldorf. Unfortunately I can't remember specifics, but I certainly had a blast in the Altstadt, drinking altbier (of course). If you need details, email me, by which time I will be back at the office and will have records of where I stayed, what I was looking for, etc. But for now I'll simply say two things-- Just wander around in the Altstadt and you will find good alt. The best, IMHO, was not the place that everyone directed me to, but a place called Schumacher. They are right on the edge of the market square. From there, simply head up the street, remaining parallel to the river, and you should be able to spot 3 more good breweries if you keep your eyes open. Mine were becoming a little heavy due to the beer and festivities (it was Carnival time when I was there), but I still was able to drag my father into a number of pubs that were recommended simply by watching for them. Have fun! Rick Return to table of contents
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