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  Re: Clove flavor in wheat beer ("RJ")
  Hop flavor/aroma in APA (John Harvey)
  Bittering from Mash Hopping ("Martin Brungard")
  Texan Seeking Alaskan Amber ("Yantis, John T")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 22:20:00 -0400 From: "RJ" <rjdn4 at msn.com> Subject: Re: Clove flavor in wheat beer Augie, The cooler the pitching & fermantation temps 64-68F will produce the clove flavor you desire (I'm assuming that you are using a German Wheat Beer yeast-strain)... The warmer the pitching & fermantation temps 68-74F will produce the more "Tutti-Fruiti" flavors. RJ Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 01:59:40 -0700 (PDT) From: John Harvey <theharv0157 at yahoo.com> Subject: Hop flavor/aroma in APA Hello everyone. Well I've been brewing now for several years, and lurking on the digest for almost as many, and I've finally run across something I need some help with. I brewed an American pale ale a couple of weeks ago, and everything went as planned. Tonight I transferred it from primary to the keg, as I usually do, and everything was in order except... there was nearly no hop flavor and not a bit of aroma. This isn't good. I've made ales like this before without this problem. Here's the recipe: 9# 2-row 1# Crystal 40 1# victory 2# Munich 1 oz perle 60' .5oz perle 30' .5 oz Willamette 20' .5 oz Willamette 10' 1 oz Cascade 2' 1 oz Cascade at flameout WLP001 with a starter OG 1.058 G 1.016 (into keg) Seems like there should be loads of hop flavor and some aroma too. The malt flavor was great, and bitterness was exactly what I planned. What did I do wrong? Perhaps I can improve this beer by dry-hopping, which I hadn't planned on doing but will. But what about hop flavor? Any suggestions on how I can fix/improve this beer? How should I go about this? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! John Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 11:36:02 -0800 From: "Martin Brungard" <mabrungard at hotmail.com> Subject: Bittering from Mash Hopping I am curious if anyone knows definitively if there is any bittering contribution when hops are added to the mash (mash hopping). I have mash hopped several beers in the past. Generally, I'm adding leftover hops that probably would have just been tossed, so there isn't any real cost in adding them to a mash. Mash hops effect on flavor and aroma has been described as positive and noticable in several articles and messages I've seen, but I've not seen any mention of bittering contributions from mash hopping. Possibly this question can be answered by considering the following. How soluable are alpha acids in wort at normal mashing and mash out temperatures? I recognize that the alpha acids will not be isomerized in the mash since that reaction requires more energy. But if the alpha acids are extracted from the mash hops, then it makes sense that ultimately they would be isomerized in the subsequent boil. The potential from mash hopping is that they could contribute bittering at a rate similar to first wort hopping. I would not be surprised to find that there are other interfering activities in the mash that may reduce the alpha acid extraction. I'm hoping that some of you may have some additional insight. By the way, I noticed this abstract from a conference presentation to be held July 17 at the Las Vegas Convention center as part of a food technology conference. It apparently will present some new research on hop isomerization. Visit the following link to see the abstract. It sure would be nice if some of you Las Vegas brewers could sneak into that presentation to pick up more info. http://ift.confex.com/ift/2004/techprogram/paper_25787.htm Martin Brungard Tallahassee, FL Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 14:50:16 -0500 From: "Yantis, John T" <john.t.yantis at lmco.com> Subject: Texan Seeking Alaskan Amber I just returned from an Alaska tour, where I got hooked on Alaskan Amber alt beer. The bad news is that it isn't readily available in Texas. The question for all you beer experts: which beers that are available in Texas are closest in taste to Alaskan Amber alt beer? (response via private e-mail OK) John Yantis Return to table of contents
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