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  Metric/English mea culpa (Calvin Perilloux)
  Now Accepting Entries for Las Vegas Winterfest 2006 (Scott Alfter)
  Water treatment with lime (Calvin Perilloux)
  Best Florida Beer Championships 2006 Results (kk)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 05:41:11 -0800 (PST) From: Calvin Perilloux <calvinperilloux at yahoo.com> Subject: Metric/English mea culpa Ouch, that was a howler. Mea culpa. Kevin Brown rightly points out that I goofed on my conversion of grams to ounces on my previous water analysis posting: > Better check those calculations again: > 28.35 grams per ounce makes that about a half an ounce > for the gypsum and a quarter of an ounce for the Epsom salts. Indeed. Arrghh, I'll just stick with metric from now on! Or at least be more careful in conversions. Otherwise, next thing you know, I'll be crashing Mars probes or (even worse!) making bad beer. Calvin Perilloux Middletown, Maryland, USA Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 08:46:08 -0800 From: Scott Alfter <scott at alfter.us> Subject: Now Accepting Entries for Las Vegas Winterfest 2006 Were you wondering what happened to the Las Vegas Winterfest competition? It's usually been held a bit earlier in the year, but a combination of factors moved this year's event to 18 March 2006. We're looking to grow the competition back to what it used to be, and we need your entries! Entries are being accepted this week. We started Saturday, and we'll keep taking them until Saturday. Now's the time to pay your local FedEx or UPS counter a visit. Two bottles and $6.00 is all it takes to get your beer, mead, or cider in. If you have ten or more entries, the entry fee maxes out at $60.00...a deal for the more prolific brewers among you. Your shipments will be accepted from 4 to 11 March (that's next week) at Nevada Brew & Wine Supply, 4800 S. Maryland Pkwy. #J, Las Vegas, NV 89119. The best-of-show beer (as long as it's not a sour beer) gets brewed at the Triple Seven in downtown Las Vegas. Win fame and...well, not fortune, but people from everywhere will get to try your beer! The competition itself will be held at UNLV, where it's been located the past few years. We'll also need all of the judges and stewards we can muster; if you're interested, send me some mail. For more detailed info, see our competition webpage: http://snafu.alfter.us/competitions/winterfest06/ Thanks, and good luck to all entrants! Scott Alfter scott at beerandloafing.org Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 09:34:25 -0800 (PST) From: Calvin Perilloux <calvinperilloux at yahoo.com> Subject: Water treatment with lime Someone names Stencil writes in the last HBD about using pickling lime, calcium chloride, etc. for reduction of carbonate in water: > pickling lime is [cheap]... > Calcium chloride and precipitated chalk are a little > pricier but still less than the cost of boiling ten > gallons of tapwater. Indeed. Given the cost of boiling and cooling water, that would save money. (Though I note that in winter, anyway, some of that heat is recovered in my house if I cool the water inside; summer is not so good.) However, as Stencil noted, there are other expenses involved in lime treatment, like a pH Meter, which I myself do not happen to have. And as A.J. DeLange put it in HBD 2537: "the amount of lime to be added must be fairly precisely calculated and even if this is done the results are not entirely predictable" Hence the various test equipment (pH meters, hardness/ alkalinity test kits). A.J. notes that DeClerck even recommends trying a -10% and +10% dosing from your calculations to make sure you got it right, which is fine for a big brewery, but do you really want to do this for your measly 8 gallons of sparge water? OK, maybe I do -- if I have the time and feel geeky I will do it, in fact, or at least try. For anyone interested in pursuing this avenue, the detailed posts in HBD 2537 and 2540 are well worth looking at. In the meantime, I'll probably keep my distilled water handy for the times when I'm rushed and feel like I have more dollars than time, which is often the case with weeknight brewing. But one of these weekends, I'll give that lime a try (and hope I hit it right). Calvin Perilloux Middletown, Maryland, USA Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 14:19:00 -0800 (PST) From: kk at dunedinbrewersguild.com Subject: Best Florida Beer Championships 2006 Results The winners of both the BFBC Homebrew and Professional Brewers Comps were announced and the winners are: Professional (70 entries) Best Craft Beer in Florida.... McGuires Irish Brewery with "I'll Have What The Gentleman on the Floor is Having" Barleywine from Steve Fried in Pensacola Homebrew (376 entries) BOS Beer Winner: Bob Sylvester of Tampa Bay BEERS with a Flanders Red BOS Mead Winner: Dan Zorrilla of the Dunedin Brewers Guild with a Mango Mead Best Homebrew Club: Dunedin Brewers Guild In addition, 1st Place winner Ed Measom will get to brew his winning Baltic Porter recipe on the 10 bbl system at Tampa Bay Brewing Co with master brewer David Doble. It's been a beer blast of three weeks of events and judging with: Beer and Food pairing, Stogie and Stout, Florida Brewers Guild Fest and the big bash.. the Brewer's Ball (the 22 gold medal winning kegs of the Probrew Comp). Thanks to all entrants, judges and volunteers. See all homebrew results at www.dunedinbrewersguild.com See all Professional Brewer results at www.bestfloridabeer.org KK Dunedin,FL "Ya'll come see us at the NHC" (practice... yah'awl) Return to table of contents
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