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  IBU Calculations ("Dave Draper")
  AHA Members Last Chance for a Second Chance! ("Rob Moline")
  RE: Hi grav stuff ("Brian Lundeen")
  Beer Scene in Allentown, PA (Rick) Theiner <rickdude@tds.net>
  Update on My Stuck Fermantion and the Dilemma it Created ("Pete Calinski")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 21:20:40 -0700 From: "Dave Draper" <david at draper.name> Subject: IBU Calculations Dear Friends, In #4983 David Houseman asks about the various IBU calculation schemes, Garetz vs Rager vs Tinseth. I agree with David that using the Garetz utilization figures results in beer that is more bitter than what one would calculate. In my case, back when Mark came out with those numbers, my results were quite overbittered. About the same time Glenn Tinseth did a lot of hard work trying to come up with a systematically produced set of values; he and I used to correspond a lot in those days. The details are way outside my sphere of knowledge but what came through was his attempt to produce at least an internally consistent dataset, about all one can ask for. I've used his values from the time they first came out and at least for me and the couple different hardware setups I've had during those years, they give me pretty much exactly what I expect. Cheers, Dave in ABQ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=- David S. Draper, Institute of Meteoritics, Univ New Mexico David at Draper dot Name Beer page: http://www.unm.edu/~draper/beer.html That's all very well in practice; but will it work in *theory*? ---Ken Willing Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 22:33:22 -0600 From: "Rob Moline" <jethrogump at mchsi.com> Subject: AHA Members Last Chance for a Second Chance! AHA Members Last Chance for a Second Chance! The deadline for AHA members to gain an extra entry in the annual Lallemand Scholarship is virually here, so fire up the browser, head over to Beertown, and pull the trigger on your Ballot for the Governing Council members, and while you're there, click on the button for your extra entry. Complete details of the Scholarsship are at http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/scholarship.html Election Guidelines and Candidates details are at http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/election.html For those of you who aren't yet AHA members, now's the time to join! Call 888-822-6273 and don't dawdle, the deadline for this extra chance is April 1st, and that's no joke! Cheers! Rob Moline AHAGC Lallemand "The More I Know About Beer, The More I Realize I Need To Know More About Beer!"MSHOME Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:25:08 -0600 From: "Brian Lundeen" <blundeen at mts.net> Subject: RE: Hi grav stuff > > Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 00:01:51 -0500 > From: "steve.alexander" <steve-alexander at adelphia.net> > Subject: Hi grav stuff > > > Such trouble some go to for hi-grav, and to what end - often a fusel-y > unbalanced mess of a beer. Another approach is to mash and > ferment at > reasonable gravity and then 'eisbock' your way to glory. That is to > *slowly* allow ice to form post fermentation, and remove the > ice which is nearly pure water if you freeze slowly enough. Can you detail a process for achieving this using typical homebrewer gear? I've done something similar pre-fermentation to produce faux-icewines where the juice is frozen solid in a bucket, then the "first thawings" high in sugar are drawn off until the desired starting Brix is achieved, and the remaining ice block is discarded. Post fermentation, this process sounds like it would be at high risk for oxidizing the beer. Thanks Brian Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 8:51:24 -0600 From: Eric (Rick) Theiner <rickdude at tds.net> Subject: Beer Scene in Allentown, PA Hey Brewfriends, My question is about homebrew clubs, resources, brewpubs/breweries, and general beer stuff in the Lehigh Valley area. Any thoughts on that subject matter (how is, where to find, what's great, etc.) would be appreciated. My situation is that my employer has been purchased by Air Products and, although it is up in the air (NPI) as to what's going to happen, my (semi)forced relocation to the corporate HQ in Allentown is likely sometime within the next 18 months (if I properly read between the lines after my meeting with the Big Boss). I won't complain too much-- from all I can tell it's an excellent company to work for and there are great resources available to all employees and particularly to the technical folks such as myself, but I'd rather stay in Madison and I'd rather work for the Tomah Products for which I originally went to work for until retirement. Alas it no longer exists. And if there are any AP employees on this list (considering the size, it would not be unexpected), could you email me privately so I can quiz you about general stuff? Thanks to all, Rick Theiner Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 10:35:00 -0500 From: "Pete Calinski" <pjcalinski at adelphia.net> Subject: Update on My Stuck Fermantion and the Dilemma it Created I was almost two months ago that I posted a request for some advice about a stuck fermentation. Now I have another dilemma and I need more suggestions. My problem is how to carbonate the beer because I could make either bottle bombs or flat beer. Here are some of the details. OG was 1.095. Stuck at 1.048 Aerated---No effect Added 1/4 pint saved yeast---No effect Added pack of ale yeast ---No Effect Added Champagne yeast---No Effect. Made a starter, from saved yeast and stepped it up with DME. Tried stepping more with a sample from the fermenter. No go, it seems adding the wort from the fermenter stalled the starter. Based on advice from you guys, I added amylase to the starter and it took off. So I added 1/2 teaspoon per gallon to the fermenter and it also restarted. Great, now the fermenter is down to 1.028. An SG I am very happy with. My dilemma is that the starter solution is down to 1.000. So, I guess my questions are, Why is the fermenter stopped at a much higher SG than the starter? Is the quantity of amylase limiting it? If so, then, if I try to bottle by adding more sugar, will I get any carbonation or will it just stay flat? Should I add amylase for carbonation and if so, how much? Since the starter went down to 1.000, there is a possibility it is contaminated because of all the messing around I did. I can't detect any contamination either by taste or smell. It is possible I gave it a strong dose of amylase. I believe I gave it the same proportion as the fermenter but mistakes happen (especially by me). I am concerned that if the amylase is the limiting factor, adding it for bottling could get SG down near 1.0 which is sure to make bombs. Of course, the pressure could stall the yeast I suppose. So, what do I do now? Pete Calinski East Amherst NY Near Buffalo NY http://hbd.org/pcalinsk *********************************************************** *My goal: * Go through life and never drink the same beer twice. * (As long as it doesn't mean I have to skip a beer.) *********************************************************** Return to table of contents
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