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  CALL FOR JUDGES - NHC Northeast - 1st Round ("David Houseman")
  stuck fermentation ("Peter A. Ensminger")
  Re: Allentown beer scene (tpunk)
  temperature controller for herms ("Ben Dooley")
  Gluten-Free Beer (Glyn)
  co2 Refills ("Brew Dog")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 22:46:31 -0500 From: "David Houseman" <david.houseman at verizon.net> Subject: CALL FOR JUDGES - NHC Northeast - 1st Round Greeting judges and stewards, A number of you have contacted me about judging the NHC Northeast Regional competitition in Philadelphia on Saturday, April 29th and perhaps Friday night the 28th. If you have, great, I'll get back to you about the details closer to the event. But we still need judges. So please contact me to judge the Northeast Regional that will be held in Philadelphia, at the HRIM Academic Bistro of Drexel University on Friday night and Saturday, April 28th and 29th. You don't have to be an high ranking judge with lots of experience to judge this event (although we'll certainly take those as well). We'll match less experienced with the more experienced judges -- it's a great forum to gain experience. Friday judging, for those that are local or wish to come in the night before, will commence at 7:00pm. Pizza and beer will be available from 6:15 until 7:00. Saturday judging will commence at 9:00am and proceed with up to three sessions of judging. Lunch will be served as well as a beer and hors d'oeuvre reception just after judging. The Reception will also be a BYO affair, so feel free to bring your own homebrew to share but we'll have plenty of other beer there as well. For those that can stay around, there will be a hosted pub crawl by the knowledgeable George Hummel from Home Sweet Homebrew and Mid-Atlantic Brewing News. The Drexel University Academic Bistro is within a few minutes walk of Philadelphia's 30th Street Station, the main hub for local commuter trains, subways and Amtrak's Northeast Corridor trains from Boston to Washington. Upon exiting the 30th Street Station, proceed West on Market Street to 33rd Street. Turn Right and go to the Academic Building on the Northeast Corner of 33rd & Arch Streets. The Academic Bistro is on the Sixth floor. There is parking available on the street (watch time turnover and meters). Free on-street parking is available on 32nd Street, North of Powelton. Google or Yahoo! MAPS for driving directions to this location. So plan to visit Philadelphia, judge some beer, drink more beer and have a great time with old friends. For those of you from out of town, the Best Western Center City at 22nd & Pennsylvania, next to the Parkway and the museums, is the cheapest. Otherwise there are hotels around the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel Campuses. Center City is also nearby. This could make the weekend a family affair. This weekend will also see Philadelphia host the Penn Relays, so if you want a hotel reservation, get those in very soon. Parking will also be at a premium, so do consider public transportation as your best option. Contact me at david.houseman at verizon.net to reserve your judging assignment. Let him know what categories you cannot judge, prefer to judge and prefer not to judge. Let him know whether you can judge Friday, Saturday or both. Contact Nancy or George at Home Sweet Homebrew (www.homesweethomebrew.com) if you have other questions or need help with hotels. David Houseman Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2006 00:53:08 -0500 From: "Peter A. Ensminger" <ensmingr at twcny.rr.com> Subject: stuck fermentation Hi Pete, Glad to hear that amylase "helped" your barley wine (with lots of Laaglander dry malt) to go from 1.048 to 1028. I was "shootin at the moon" when I suggested this back on Feb 5 www.hbd.org/hbd/archive/4944.html#4944-5 . What to do now? 1) Keg your beer. Your apparent attenuation is ~84%. Respectable for a barley wine. Don't mess around by adding more stuff. If you don't have kegs, then I suggest ... 2) Bottle it with Champagne yeast (and an appropriate dose of sugar). No need for more amylase. And finally ... 3) Whatever you do, let us know how it turns out! Cheerio! Peter A. Ensminger Syracuse, NY Apparent Rennerian: [394, 79.9] Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 13:01:00 -0800 (PST) From: tpunk at riseup.net Subject: Re: Allentown beer scene Rick, I can't say that I know much about Allentown's beer scene, but Allentown is a fairly short (45-50 minutes when there's no traffic) ride from Philadelphia, where we have some great beer, homebrew shops and the like. There's plenty of info out there about the brewpubs in Philly such as Nodding Head, Independence, Manayunk, etc and other good bars that carry a lot of local and regional brews. In the area are also the Victory brewery, the Yards brewery, Flying Fish, Dogfish Head (delaware, but not a huge drive)... If you end up visiting Philly at all, I'd highly recommend Fergie's pub which has live Irish folk music on saturdays and is my favorite place to sit down to a pitcher of Guinness (or Nodding Head's Grog, which is served at Fergie's in addition to Nodding Head itself). -Tim Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 00:28:18 -0500 From: "Ben Dooley" <bendooley at gmail.com> Subject: temperature controller for herms Hello all. I'm building a herms, and I'm shopping around for a temperature controller on ebay. I'm planning on heating my hot liquor tank with two 4,500 watt water heater elements in paralell at 220VAC. Do I absolutely need to run these with ssr's? The reason why I ask is I'm looking at a super sweet controller, but it's outputs are triac. I understand that mechanical relays are bad because they crap out pretty quickly. Triacs (thyristors), however, are solid state, so that shouldn't be an issue. Are there other potential problems I should be aware of? Thanks in advance. Ben Dooley Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 04:56:44 -0700 (PDT) From: Glyn <graininfuser at yahoo.com> Subject: Gluten-Free Beer I know gluten-free beer comes up every once in a while. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060331/ap_on_bi_ge/ gluten_free_beer;_ylt=Aqf_j1TuVMtBJK.OJGeev3KyBhIF; _ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA or http://tinyurl.com/f8up6 "So Belser, a computer programmer-analyst, began experimenting with beer made from grains that don't contain gluten. The result, a sorghum-based lager called Dragon's Gold, is headed to store shelves in late April, providing thousands of Belser's fellow celiacs with a source of safe suds." Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 10:16:35 -0400 From: "Brew Dog" <rheinheitsgebot at gmail.com> Subject: co2 Refills I recently picked up a 20# co2 bottle and want to use it to keep a few kegs charged. Will I have any problems having it filled since "coca cola" is stamped into it? I've heard gas suppliers won't inspect or fill proprietary equipment and it needs hydrotesting so they will notice. Will the coca cola place fill it, or will they just think I stole it? By the way, I did NOT steal it, it was abandoned in an old restaurant basement. Luckily the bottle is full as of now, so I guess I have a while to deal with this as long as I don't have a leak. The bottle has been sitting for upwards of ten years, the gas should be fine, right? Thanks in advance, bry Richmond, Virginia Return to table of contents
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