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  stir bars ("Ben Dooley")
  Nursing Stout ("Bernd Neumann")
  Re: Eisbeer ("Craig S. Cottingham")
  FOAM Cup 2006 Homebrew Competition (philosopher)
  Schaerbeek Cherries ("Christian Layke")
  Ballantine IPA Clone Recipe (Bob Tower)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 00:03:48 -0400 From: "Ben Dooley" <bendooley at gmail.com> Subject: stir bars Alex, Thanks for the response. Your post raises another interesting possibility: the use of stirplates to whirlpool the wort after the boil. I don't suppose it would be practical for people doing large batches, but I think it would be cost effective to build a stir plate for doing five gallon full volume boils. I'll give this a try on my next batch and get back with results. Cheers. Ben Dooley Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 13:59:35 +0000 From: "Bernd Neumann" <homebrewz at hotmail.com> Subject: Nursing Stout Hello, Does anyone have any information on nursing stouts? A friend is pregnant and I would like to brew her a nice, low alcohol, beer for nursing. I have heard from both doctors and lay people that a beer a day is sometimes perscribed for nursing mothers. Folklore has it that stout is the best. Any input? TIA, Bernd Neumann Howes (not in the) Cave, NY Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 09:26:14 -0500 From: "Craig S. Cottingham" <craig.cottingham at gmail.com> Subject: Re: Eisbeer On Aug 2, 2006, at 09:55, Phil Wilcox <thepfhb at yahoo.com> wrote: > While lagering in international waters... > [ ... ] > Go to best buy and pick up Season 1, of Alias (24, > Lost...) I knew Best Buys were pretty much everywhere, but I wouldn't have guessed that they had them in international waters, too! :-) I once eised one gallon of a... not so much a doppelbock as a "bock und ein Haelfte" using a 5L minikeg. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how it turned out, because eighteen months later it's still in my freezer. One of these days I need to see if there's any liquid in there, or if it's frozen solid. - -- Craig S. Cottingham craig at cottingham.net OpenPGP key available from: http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x7977F79C Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 14:54:40 -0400 From: philosopher at alemakers.com Subject: FOAM Cup 2006 Homebrew Competition The Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers invite you to enter the FOAM Cup 2006 Homebrew Competition. Rules, forms, and all the information are on line at the FOAM web site www.alemakers.com. We will accept all BJCP Categories of Beer and Mead. Entries will be accepted September 1-15 by our sponsor, High Gravity Homebrew and Winemaking Shop in Tulsa. Judging dates are September 22 and 23. We will have more BJCP certified judges than ever before! FOAM Cup is sanctioned by the AHA and BJCP. We will award custom cast medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place in every category, plus prizes for BOS Beer and Mead, Best Extract and All-grain Beers, and Best New Brewer. FOAM Cup is part of the High Plains Brewer/Club of the Year circuit. Fees are $7 per entry OR $6 When You Register On-line at alemakers.com. Online registration will be available starting August 1. Questions? Want to Judge or Steward at the Competition? Please contact FOAM Cup Organizer Jeff Pursley at philosopher at alemakers.com Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 17:01:43 -0400 From: "Christian Layke" <clayke at wri.org> Subject: Schaerbeek Cherries Joe wanting Schaerbeek Cherry trees made me curious. I e-mailed retired Cornell University pomologist Jim Cummins at Cummins Nursery (no affiliation, I just like the variety of interesting apples they offer) in Central New York. Here is his response: Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek cherry is not held at any of the USDA repositories and I have not found it among any of my usual fruit variety contacts. I still have a few leads which I will pursue but am very doubtful that we will find it. If it does exist in North America, it is probably in the hands of some Dutch fruit grower who has smuggled it in, in which case it is almost certainly virus-infected. Best bet: Contact USDA Plant Introduction Station and request expedited importation. Will take 2 or 3 years optimum. > //Jim www.cumminsnursery.com Sounds like a challenge some lambic aficionado needs to take on, but it doesn't sound too hopeful for Joe in the near term. Jim recommended Northstar as a variety that might meet your needs. Is a dark red, very acidic variety with some astringency. Jim also mentioned Northstar would probably be one of the few safe bets for LaCrosse since it was developed in Minnesota (most cherries are not very cold-hardy, apparently). Would probably be more authentic in Lambic than Montmorency cherries since it has dark red juice. Christian Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 21:45:28 -0700 From: Bob Tower <bob at constructotower.com> Subject: Ballantine IPA Clone Recipe Several people e-mailed me about posting my recipe. It's an all grain recipe. If you are doing extract, you might be able to substitute rice extract for the flaked corn, but it may turn out somewhat different. 65% American 6-row pale malt 17% corn sugar 10% flaked corn 7% crystal malt (60L) 1% Cara III Special (dehusked) SG 1.072 FG 1.015 ABV 7.5% 32 IBU Bullion at 90 minutes 42 IBU Cluster at 30 minutes 0.1 oz. per gallon Saaz at 0 minutes 0.25 oz. per gallon Saaz dry hop for 5-7 days 1.5-2 packets (11.5 grams) Fermentis US-56 dry yeast per 5 gallons of wort Now of course your mileage will vary on the bittering hops. As long as you get in the neighborhood of the numbers quoted above you'll be fine. Then on subsequent batches you can make modifications to your taste. The first time I made this, I was in the 50 IBU range but I felt it needed more bitterness so I bumped it up 30%. Now it tastes more like an IPA and less like and hoppy amber ale. The first time around I also used much less dry hops (about 0.1 oz. per gallon) but I found it quite lacking in aroma. Now it is more noticeable, but certainly not "in your face". I like it at this level. I based this recipe of Jeff Renner's input from an old HBD posting, as well as an old posting from another brewer from years back on the HBD. I also did lots of digging on the web as well, getting recollections from old timers (this beer hasn't been brewed commercially in many years) and hearsay from ex-employees who worked at the original Ballantine brewery before it closed in the early 1970s. I took all the information that seemed to be consistent with all sources and made the recipe based on that approach. If anyone decides to try this, let me know how it turns out for you. Bob Tower / Los Angeles, CA Return to table of contents
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