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  Beer and Beer' law (Fred L Johnson)
  beer staling (Aaron Martin Linder)
  FOAM Cup Update, More Prizes, High Plains BOY (philosopher)
  Re: Ageing Beer (Alan Semok)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 06:57:44 -0400 From: Fred L Johnson <FLJohnson52 at nc.rr.com> Subject: Beer and Beer' law Steve asks about A.J.'s comment that beer doesn't follow Beers law. From my own reading in years past, I concluded that the phenomenon of beers not following Beer's law was simply because because of instrument limitations, not because of a true departure from Beer's law. When light transmission is low, the instruments--at least the older ones--simply didn't respond linearly. To measure absorbance/transmission on darker beers, one should dilute the darker beers to get them into the range of the instrument in which it responds linearly. If there is more to the non-linearity phenomenon than this, I'd like to hear it. Fred L Johnson Apex, North Carolina, USA Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 10:28:39 -0400 (EDT) From: Aaron Martin Linder <lindera at umich.edu> Subject: beer staling I am currently trying to trace the source of some beer staling problems i seem to be having. maybe you can give me some suggestions or share experiences. I would like to be able to keep beer for 2-6 months, depending on the beer, in a keg in my fridge or in bottles at room temp. recently, i changed several operating procedures and equipment/process parameters, and i am in the process of trying to find out which changes have been detrimental to my beer stability. In the past I used a 5 gallon gott cooler w/ fly sparging and bottle conditioning. I racked to secondary for a few weeks and had a clear beer at bottling. i used iodophor as brewery sanitizer and baked my bottles to sanitize them, using oxygen barrier caps to seal them. i was able to have fresh, delicious beer for several months, sometimes 6-9 months for some beers. it changed character but never staled. Recently I changed the following parameters: -mash in an aluminum pot -use a batch sparge w/ initial mash-in, hot water addition for mashout, drain kettle, add hot water, and drain again. i get fairly clear wort, though a bit cloudier than using fly-sparging. -sanitize all equipment using star-san -keg beers after having pushed out an entire keg's worth of star-san. rack through the beer out line/ pressurize to 40-45 psi overnight, adjust down to 2 psi to serve. -i no longer use a secondary; i just rack after primary fermentation is complete. i've also racked for a few days at 45F to get a bit more yeast out. In addition, i recently bottled a six pack to see if my kegging is the/a problem and found the bottled beer appears to be aging somewhat poorly as well, hard to tell if it is aging at the same rate or not yet. I've noticed a few of my light summer beers have started to darken a bit after a month in the keg. the last few glasses out of the keg are definitely darker and stale tasting. any ideas on what is most likely my problem? aaron linder ann arbor, mi Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:17:03 -0400 From: philosopher at alemakers.com Subject: FOAM Cup Update, More Prizes, High Plains BOY The entry window for FOAM Cup 2006 is fast approaching. FOAM Cup is an AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition. We will accept entries September 1-15, 2006, and we will judge September 22 and 23. Our on-line registration system is up and running now and it is easier than ever this year. Visit the FOAM web site at www.alemakers.com, and click on the FOAM Cup link. Get the rules and all of the information there too. FOAM is very happy to have the High Gravity Homebrew and Winemaking shop in Tulsa as primary sponsor and shipping destination for FOAM Cup 2006. Check them out at www.highgravitybrew.com. Our list of sponsors and prizes has continued to grow. We will award custom cast FOAM Cup medallions for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in every category. High Gravity is donating a Shirron plate chiller for the BOS beer brewer and 12 pounds of quality honey for the BOS mead maker. We also have lined up several other excellent sponsors, all of them donating great prizes. See the current sponsors list on the FOAM Cup web site. We will award special prizes for the Best Extract Beer, Best All-grain Beer, and Best Beer from a New Brewer. The homebrew club scoring the most points will be FOAM Cup Champion. FOAM Cup is one of seven regional competitions in the High Plains Brewer of the Year circuit. FOAM Cup points will count toward the 2006 High Plains Brewer of the Year and Club of the Year. You can learn more about the High Plains competition at www.kcbiermeisters.org/NewHighplains.htm. Questions? Want to judge? Please send a message to Organizer Jeff Pursley at philosopher at alemakers.com. Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 19:32:51 -0400 From: Alan Semok <asemok at mac.com> Subject: Re: Ageing Beer On 21 Aug 2006 21:02:06 , "Reif and Angie Hammond" <arhammond at comcast.net>: > ...wondering what the best aging conditions are for this beer (or > any other > that improves with age)...ambient in my basement (which > varies from 50 to 65, or keep it in my beer cooler at 45. > Suggestions? Cooler is probably best if you have room...though for whatever it's worth, I have cellared about 20 years worth of Thomas Hardy, Bigfoot, Celebration, Foghorn, a few Trippels, as well as homebrewed Barleywines, Scotch Ales, Meads, and IPA's at an ambient cellar temp of around 60F and all have done quite well. A recently tasted Hardy's 1987 was in fine shape. Your basement should be fine. cheers, all... AL Return to table of contents
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