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  Re: what happened to my fusels/harshness? ("Bob Devine")
  RE: Old Malt (Steven Parfitt)
  Spllit Rock HB Competition (hazan)
  fusels vs esters ("Peter A. Ensminger")
  fusels, ethynol acetate, and brewing and dying... ("Michael Kolaghassi")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 22:25:00 -0700 From: "Bob Devine" <devinebob at gmail.com> Subject: Re: what happened to my fusels/harshness? Peter A. Ensminger asks: > Both fusels and ethyl acetate are described as having "harsh" and > "solvent-like" flavors. Apparently, I can't tell the difference. Can a > more experienced beer taster can describe how these differ? Peter, we never met but I suspect you don't really need help, based on your many years of informative posts. But I'll jump in with some of my opinions assuming "experienced" just means "old". I don't consider ethyl acetate as having a harsh flavor, in moderate and low levels it has a fruity aroma and low taste. Some food processors actually use it as a flavorant (think strawberry or even pineapple). Some of the big coffee companies use it in the decaffeination process so a stray neuron in my brain wonders what would happen in a stout that has both fruit and coffee... Fusel alcohols are the common name for the grab-bag of amyl alcohols and random fatty acids. This motley collection can be rank and nasty (I've been told that "fusel" is old German for "bad booze", can anybody help/confirm?) For me, excessive fusel alcohol has a hot/fiery, oily mouth-feel but principally it is the smell of cheap, distilled hooch that identifies it. Do a slow,cool fermentation to minimize its production. So, I don't think that ethyl acetate tastes like fusels. Bob Devine (just settling in in southeast Washington, where it's grape harvest time) Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 05:42:00 -0700 (PDT) From: Steven Parfitt <thegimp98 at yahoo.com> Subject: RE: Old Malt Ian Watson found a lost bucket of already ground malt: >Hi all > >I discovered I have a pail of milled pale malt that >must be about 8 months old. It's been in a plastic >pail with a tight fitting lid and smells fine. >Is it worth brewing with? > >Thanks > >Ian Given that it has been stored cool and dry for eight months, I see no problem. I purchased several bags of pre-ground malt from a local micro that went under several years ago. At the time the malt was probably a year old. I (and members of the LHBC) could detect no oxidization in the resulting beer the first year I used it. Two years after I got it, I started to detect slight oxidization and switched to using it only for starters. I still use it for starters after three years. The only detectable off flavor is slight oxidization. Some of my starters are 3 to 5 gallons. Steven Steven, -75 XLCH- Ironhead Nano-Brewery http://thegimp.8k.com Johnson City, TN [422.7, 169.2] Rennerian "There is no such thing as gravity, the earth sucks." Wings Whiplash - 1968 Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 16:23:11 -0000 From: <hazan at ptd.net> Subject: Spllit Rock HB Competition This is the second announcement for the homebrew competition to be held on Saturday, November 18th, at the Split Rock Resort in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, which is held in conjunction with their annual Micro Brew Festival. This is a sanctioned competition judging all beer, mead and cider styles. Entries should be shipped to the Resort at Split Rock, One Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, Attention: Shelly Kalins Lutz, for receipt from November 6 to November 17. Entry fees of $5 per entry, will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. By simply entering, you will be helping this charitable organization help others. Checks should be made out to The Resort At Split Rock. Two (2) brown or green bottles with no markings are required. Please use rubber bands to attach bottle labels. No tape please. Any standard entry forms identifying the brewer and the appropriate entry category/subcategory are acceptable. The 2004 BJCP Style Guidelines will be used for this competition. Get this from the BJCP web site at www.bjcp.org. Judges are needed and they should contact me to secure a position. Judges and Stewards can hand carry their entries if they pre-register with payment. All judges and stewards are required to be present by 8:30 so we can get started promptly at 9am. Judges will receive an entry to the beer festival or entry to the beer dinner for their efforts and need to indicate which they wish when they commit to participate. The BOS winner will receive a complementary weekend for two at next year's Split Rock Beer Fest as well. More information will be available at the Split Rock web site: http://www.splitrockresort.com/beerfest/. Or contact them at: spevents at splitrockresort.com. Al Hazan Competition Organizer hazan at ptd.net Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 23:28:17 -0400 From: "Peter A. Ensminger" <ensmingr at twcny.rr.com> Subject: fusels vs esters AJ deLange suggested that I forward his email to the HBD ... Esters are generally fruity with ethyl acetate being somewhat of an exception if it is present in any appreciable concentration in which case it smells like nail polish remover no doubt because nail polish remover generally contains a fair proportion of it. Alcohols, OTOH, tend to smell sweet, more like flowers than fruit. - --- Peter A. Ensminger Syracuse, NY Apparent Rennerian: [394, 79.9] Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 07:18:23 +0000 From: "Michael Kolaghassi" <kolaghassi89 at hotmail.com> Subject: fusels, ethynol acetate, and brewing and dying... Hey guys, Im new to this and was just wondering if anyone can think of any fatal or serious incidents that involved the drinking of homemade fermented beverages (not distilled)? Can, for instance, I die of botulism from my Joe's Ancient Orange Mead since I had oranges in it and maybe some vicious bacteria got in it? Can mold grow in the drink and I would die from it or have a severe allergic reaction since I'm allergic to penicillin? All this talk of fusels and ethynol acetate are things I'm not familiar with and are new to me. Are those things harmful to health and comparable to drinking nail polish remover and killing waaaay more brain cells than regular alcohol from the beverage? And can a batch of something get way more of that than it normally should? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to understand some harmful or fatal risks if there are any besides just having a ruined bad tasting batch of beer/wine/mead. Thanks for any help, Michael K. Return to table of contents
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