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  Gasket material for a conical ("Gary Smith")
  Zymurgy (Brew)
  BJCP name badges (Ed Westemeier)
  Amber (leavitdg)
  Brewing Yeast and Fermentation (Signalbox Brewery)
  Starter without DME ("Michael O'Donnell")
  Diacetyl, how can i get rid of it ("Keith Anderson")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 21:41:01 -0500 From: "Gary Smith" <Gary at doctorgary.net> Subject: Gasket material for a conical I've got a 12.2 gal stainless conical and there's a dome cover for it. The ID is 16" and the width of the top flange is about 1/2". The gasket I have for it does not seat at all well and liquid leaks like a sieve. I looked at the ferminator type gaskets but they are designed for flat covers. and look like a c with a circular rib contacting the flange. I need something spongy for a gasket or at least compressable so the gasket will seat on the top & bottom of the mating flanges of the bodt & lid. Any suggestions what I might be able to find that woill be good for this? The existing material is black neoprene looking material, almost firm as a tire and it is very poor as a gasket. Thanks, Gary Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 13:36:14 -0700 (PDT) From: Brew <kristbigfoot at yahoo.com> Subject: Zymurgy I seem to have misplaced the following Zymurgy issues. Does anyone have these for sale at reasonable cost? Vol 28/No 4 July/Aug 2005 Vol 28/No 5 Sept/Oct 2005 Cheers. Kraig Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 18:32:29 -0400 From: Ed Westemeier <hopfen at malz.com> Subject: BJCP name badges Judges know the drill: Arrive at a competition, find the registration table, then get one of those stick-on nametags and wait until the marker pen is available so you can scrawl your name and be recognized as a participant. As a new service to members, the BJCP is making available a good- looking permanent name badge, absolutely free. We will have them custom-made for you and mailed to your home address. See the website for details: http://www.bjcp.org/badge.html Ed Westemeier communication_director at bjcp.org Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 06:53:08 -0400 From: leavitdg at plattsburgh.edu Subject: Amber The beer grows darker, taking the scarlet from the crystal malt. DARRELL-SON Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 15:50:23 +0100 From: Signalbox Brewery <signalbox.brewery at ntlworld.com> Subject: Brewing Yeast and Fermentation Digging around for information on Burton yeasts I came upon a book of that name by by: Chris Boulton and David Quain (Coors Brewers Limited, Burton on Trent) It's available in paperback at a very reasonable price - assuming it would be of interest to the keen home brewer with a scientific background. Has anybody read it and if so what did they think? David Edge, Derby Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 13:39:39 -0700 From: "Michael O'Donnell" <odonnell at lifesci.ucsb.edu> Subject: Starter without DME Hi, I'm planning to brew next weekend and have a batch of ingredients on order. I ordered a single vial of yeast, planning on making a starter. But then I went looking and I have no DME to start it with. I don't have a local homebrew store, so getting some isn't really an option. Are there any kitchen sugars that would make an acceptable starter for a pale ale? Thanks for any suggestions. Mike Santa Barbara, CA Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 08:18:19 -0400 From: "Keith Anderson" <keithxanderson at gmail.com> Subject: Diacetyl, how can i get rid of it Made my first lager with Wyeast 2206 and fermented ~50F degrees until it slowed down, racked to kegs (10 gallons), and then dropped to ~32F over a few days. Everything went great, the beer finished up ~1.012 but now smells like microwave popcorn. It has been sitting at ~32F for about 5 weeks. Does it need to lager longer to get rid of the diacetyl? I didn't perform a diacetyl rest because i didn't see any dire warnings about WY2206. I can wait another month or two but don't want to tie up the fridge if time will not remove the diacetyl. Don't know if some priming sugar would help it ferment out the offending flavor or if time is my only hope. In general, does a diacetyl rest at 60F degrees reduce lagering time? Will an extended (>4 weeks) lagering time make up for no diacetyl rest? Keith Return to table of contents
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