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  Re: different bottle sizes (Mike)
  2008 National Homebrew Competition ("Janis Gross")
  RE: different bottle sizes ("Ronald La Borde")
  Big bottle, small bottle... ("Pat Babcock")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 00:20:30 -0500 From: Mike <mharry2 at gmail.com> Subject: Re: different bottle sizes >What I have noticed is that the larger bottles have a >slight but distinctly sharper bitterness/hop taste too >them when compared to the 330ml bottles. Have you noticed a difference in carbonation from large to small bottle? CO2 definitely accentuates bitterness, if you've ever tried the same beer gassed with CO2 vs. gassed with nitrogen you'll really notice the difference. This does amount to "taste buds playing tricks on you" since the IBU isn't changed, the bitterness might just be accentuated by the acidity of the carbonic acid (carbonated water)... but I really don't know the explanation for it. So that would be my first impression based on the fact that if you batch prime, a large bottle will end up more carbonated than a small bottle (less headspace for more fermentable sugar) which would then highlight bitterness. But with one carbonation drop per bottle your big bottles might be less carbonated... but who knows how much residual fermentable sugar you had after your primary fermentation and racking. Mike Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 09:12:37 -0700 From: "Janis Gross" <janis at brewersassociation.org> Subject: 2008 National Homebrew Competition Hi everyone, I hope you have all been brewing up some stellar beer, mead, and cider to enter in the 2008 National Homebrew Competition (NHC)! This year, cider entries can be included with your beer and mead entries. Send them all to your regional location, and make one entry payment for all entries. New this year, entry to the 2008 NHC is by online entry only. In addition, you now have the option of paying for your entries and/or AHA membership online. The online entry link <http://www.brewingcompetition.com/NHC/nhc.php> and the Rules & Regulations (PDF file) and all the entry details are posted on the Entry Information page on Beertown: http://www.beertown.org/events/nhc/entry.html The entry deadline is March 31 through April 11 at the regional receiving sites listed on the Entry Information page on Beertown and shown on the map on page 22 of the March/April 2008 issue of Zymurgy (Volume 31, Number 2). NOTE: This year entrants in the Northwest Region from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming can ship/drop-off their entries at Pyramid Brewery in Seattle between March 10 and March 21, or they can ship entries directly to Anchorage during the regular competition entry deadline, March 31 through April 11. Entries sent to the Seattle location between March 10 and March 21 will be palletized and shipped on a barge to Anchorage at no additional cost to the entrant. NOTE: California entrants are again split between two regions. The dividing line is set by the entrant's Zip code; Zip codes lower than 93600 enter in the Southwest Region (San Diego, CA), and greater than 93600 enter in the West Region (Concord, CA). Good luck in the competition, and please volunteer to judge or steward if you can! Cheers, Janis Gross NHC Director AHA Project Coordinator janis at brewersassociation.org 303-447-0816 x134 Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 16:38:26 -0600 From: "Ronald La Borde" <pivoron at cox.net> Subject: RE: different bottle sizes >From: "Greg and Rachel Barclay" <barclay1 at xtra.co.nz> ..My latest effort was bottled using both 500ml and 330ml bottles. What I have noticed is that the larger bottles have a slight but distinctly sharper bitterness/hop taste too them when compared to the 330ml bottles... Oh Greg, surely you must know I cannot resist this! I understand that some people eat the shells when enjoying barbequed shrimp. I can't imagine doing that, but thruth is stranger than fiction. But bottles! This is just going too far, the glass would seem to be much worse than shrimp shells! And now to more serious talk. I think the amount of carbonation can definately affect the taste of the beer. I have this method that I use when bottlilng with different size bottles. I measure out 640 milliliters of boiled and cooled water and add the entire pack of priming sugar to it and dissolve. Why 640? Because 5 gallons of beer will be 640 ounces. So then I just add the amount of this sugar liquid to each bottle according to the bottle size. If I have a 16 ounce bottle, I add 16 milliliters to it, for a 12 ounce bottle, 12 milliliters, etc. Ronald J. La Borde -- Metairie, LA New Orleans is the suburb of Metairie, LA New Orleans is the New Atlantis Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 19:52:57 -0500 (EST) From: "Pat Babcock" <pbabcock at hbd.org> Subject: Big bottle, small bottle... Greetings, Beerlings! Take me to your lager... On Tue, March 4, 2008 5:42 pm, "Greg and Rachel Barclay" <barclay1 at xtra.co.nz> wrote: > My latest effort was bottled using both 500ml and 330ml bottles. What I > have noticed is that the larger bottles have a slight but distinctly > sharper bitterness/hop taste too them when compared to the > 330ml bottles. The carbon dioxide in beer is an overlooked source of bitterness, though the larger bottles being more carbonated than the smaller would be counter-intuitive. I vaguely recall discussions regarding more highly carbonated beers interfering with the perception of hop bitterness. Maybe this is at play here? Hmmm.... - -- See ya! Pat Babcock in SE Michigan Chief of HBD Janitorial Services http://hbd.org pbabcock at hbd.org Return to table of contents
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