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  Volume of a starter for a lager ("Art & Liz  McGregor")
  That "Homebrew Taste" ("Dunn, Scott C FLNR:EX")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 06:19:03 -0400 From: "Art & Liz McGregor" <a.l.mcgregor at verizon.net> Subject: Volume of a starter for a lager Greetings All, I have a question on the volume of a starter for a lager (5 gal batch). I have use 2 smack packs for my last 3 lagers with no problems, but wanted to re-use some washed yeast from an earlier batch to save some money and another trip to the homebrew store. What is the recommended size for a starter for a lager. I thought it was around 2 liters or 2 quarts for a 5 gal batch. Is that the volume of the wort and washed yeast, or is the volume of the decanted yeast after the starter is done? Since it is recommended that you pitch at high krausen, I would believe it is the combined volume of the wort and yeast in the starter. Thanks in advance. Hoppy Brewing, Art McGregor (Northern Virginia) <Art.McGregor at yahoo.com> <A.L.mcgregor at verizon.net> Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 08:11:54 -0700 From: "Dunn, Scott C FLNR:EX" <Scott.Dunn at gov.bc.ca> Subject: That "Homebrew Taste" Hello All: Not to belabour the point to much, I hope most of understood the use of quotation marks in my post. I used them to characterize a generic criticism of home made beer. We have all heard those comments from when we first started making beer. Hmmm you made that yourself eh, that has a rather taste, Wow that sure does not taste like store bought beer, etc... I do like the points Dave makes, looking after the details and being squeaky clean is the secret. The thing I do not like about plastics is that they can be very hard to get really clean, the micro cracks can easily harbour bacteria. When I finally got rid of the unwanted guest in my brew, I figured out they were living in side walls of my primary fermenter plastic bucket. I switched to splitting the batch into two glass carbouys with bubblers for a week then into a single once the krausen had gone down and presto bango my brew tasted great. Like I said this is what worked for me. On another note I am looking for discussion and a design about a counter pressure bottle filler, has anyone got on? I hope this helps Scott C. Dunn RPF Return to table of contents
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