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  Antique Beers ("Eric \"Rick\" Theiner")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 13:38:53 -0400 From: "Eric \"Rick\" Theiner" <rick at ecologiccleansers.com> Subject: Antique Beers I have two stories to share on this front... Years ago I decided to try a Peppermint Patty Stout. I had an idea regarding a rich, malty, chocolate brew underlined by peppermint aromatics. It tasted great in my head... I think I actually came up with it for a Holiday Beer tasting session for the old Compuserve Bacchus forum (aka Virtual Village Homebrew Society) because I remember getting feedback from a number of folks when doing an online chat. Anyway, it started out with an OG of 1.117 (bear in mind that this was in the days when the only super high gravity beer was Samiclaus) and 3 weeks after bottling was nearly undrinkable. The peppermint was in your face, the chocolate was absent, and the residual sugar was horribly cloying. I took my lumps during the chat (mostly we laughed about it) and forgot about it. Two years later I come across the stash and invite my new fellow homebrewer to try a beer that sounded great and came out wrong. I poured one for him and was amazed that he really liked it. I tried it myself and, lo and behold, it had become good!! It wasn't exactly what I was shooting for, but it was significantly drier and the peppermint was much more subdued. The chocolate wasn't as pronounced as I would have liked, but it was there if you looked for it. That was a happy one. The other one, not so much, but it still worked out quite well. It started out as a "Gingered Ale." but we really overdid the ginger. After bottling it was simply awful. It tasted like sour ginger soy sauce. Again, the couple of cases went to the side (can you tell I hate to pour beer out?). I don't remember exactly how long afterwards it was that I became enamored of Dragon Stout from Jamaica. It has a hint of ginger and a hint of sourness that really "make" that beer. In a flash of brilliance I added a bottle of the old ginger/sour ale to a 5 gallon batch of foreign style stout and it was simply perfect (took a runner-up to BOS in the one comp I've entered it in, so maybe not quite as perfect to others...). I've made that recipe a number of times now, and the stash of gingered ale is getting low. Unfortunately I have no idea how we did it to begin with, so I guess that my great stout may be lost to history when it is gone. Rick Return to table of contents
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