HOMEBREW Digest #316 Tue 05 December 1989

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  Wheat Beer Extraction Rate (Charles Kasicki)
  bubbles and vapor locks (Ilaine - 'the maniac with the string')
  Clubs ("2645 RUTH, GUY R.")
  Cold temperature cloudiness (tim)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 04 Dec 89 08:41:26 -0800 From: kasicki at jato.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Charles Kasicki) Subject: Wheat Beer Extraction Rate This weekend I brewed my first wheat beer with mixed results. The extraction rate seems very low considering the amount of grains. I mashed five pounds of Klages two row, one pound of crystal and five pounds of malted wheat. The mash was an infusion mash that started at 153 degrees F. After one and a half hours the mash was at 151 degrees F. and passed the iodine test as usual. The sparge was at 170 degrees F. and through a filter bed of about one foot. Initial runoff was very cloudy and was recycled until the sparge ran clear. Total sparge time was about an hour. The original specific gravity after the boil, ab and cooling was only 1.041. This seems low for the use of eleven pounds of grain and is low compared to my other non wheat beer mashes. Any suggestions? Thanx Charles Kasicki Jet Propulsion Laboratory Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 89 14:43:02 est From: Ilaine - 'the maniac with the string' <estokes at lucy.wellesley.edu> Subject: bubbles and vapor locks I am brewing my first batch of mead, and it seems to have developed an obnoxios habit in the last week. There is a sort of suds at the top which I am told is normal, I was also told I left plenty of space at the top of the carboy. Nonetheless, the bubbles have been creeping all the way up and into the lock. I was told if this happens I should change the water. So far no problem, but I have had to do this every day for a few days now. I don't want to have to open the thing too often, I have popped the reachable bubbles when I cleaned the lock, but they are growing back quicker and quicker. The recipe I used is 10 lbs of honey, about 4 - 4 1/2 gallons of water, and rather a lot of spices. The mead has been fermenting for about three weeks now. I am not worried (or at least I won't let my mead know if I am), but does any one have any suggestions? Liz Stokes estokes at lucy.wellesley.edu estokes at wellco.bitnet Return to table of contents
Date: 4 Dec 89 11:30:00 MDT From: "2645 RUTH, GUY R." <grruth at sandia.gov> Subject: Clubs Is anyone aware of a homebrew club in or around the Gulf Port, Mississippi area? Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 89 11:48:08 EST From: tim at Think.COM Subject: Cold temperature cloudiness So I have had a rather strange problem appear with my most recent batch of brew - a pale ale. I was leaving town and so bottled this beer perhaps alittle early, after 9 days in the primary with a SG around 1019. I primed it with some corn sugar in the usual manner (boiled with 2cps of water, mixed into the beer after syphoning it into another carboy). I always use one large clear glass bottle so I can see if the beer is clearing, and sure enough after 6-7 days it became nice and clear, about the color of Bass. So I put a couple in the fridge to try. When I went to take them out in a few hours they were very cloudy, so I assumed I shook them up somehow and replaced them in the fridge with some clear ones that I put in very carefully. A few hours later I was shocked to see these cloudy too. If fact, every time I cool any of these beers they become cloudy. Now all the chemistry buffs are thinking - ah, a percipitate! That's probably what it is, but what is it and why does it come out of solution at cold temp's? Or is the yeast somehow getting stirred up by two hours of sitting in at 45 degrees (not what I consider worth waking up for)? Most importantly how do I avoid this problem in the future? The beer tastes pretty good, but a little yeasty still. Tim Harris Return to table of contents
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