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  Water softener for beer? (Nathan Kanous)
  husk or no husk, that's the question (JohanNico)" <JohanNico.Aikema at akzonobel.com>
  Turbinado Q's (Steve Bruns)
  Speaking of the stoves (DHinrichs)
  Walk The Line On Barley Wine Part II ("Koenig, Ken")
  filter re-use ("Micah Millspaw")
  And you thought you'd brewed a long time.... (Denis Bekaert)
  Alcohol tolerance for 1007 yeast? (Project One)
  St. Louis Brews Happy Holiday Homebrew Competition (engwar1)
  Secondary fermentation? ("robertjm at hockeyhockeyhockey.com")
  Clubs in Boise Area? (mohrstrom)
   (Ralph Link)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 22:31:20 -0800 From: Nathan Kanous <nlkanous at pharmacy.wisc.edu> Subject: Water softener for beer? Hello, I have a technical question about my water softener. If anyone would be willing to help, I'd appreciate an off-line reply. Thanks and please pardon the intrusion. nathan in madison, wi Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:34:24 +0100 From: "Aikema, J.N. (JohanNico)" <JohanNico.Aikema at akzonobel.com> Subject: husk or no husk, that's the question Hi, I'm trying to find out if some grains have husk or not. So far I found: barley = yes wheat = no rice = yes maize = no but what about: rye = oat = sorghum = quinoa = buckwheat = triticale = millet = Greetings from Holland (Europe), Hans Aikema http://www.hopbier.myweb.nl/grain.html Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:14:19 -0500 From: Steve Bruns <sdbruns at locl.net> Subject: Turbinado Q's Hello all: I'm looking to up the gravity a bit in a Northern Brewer "Extra Pale Ale" kit (6# Gold US syrup - 1# DWC Caramel Pilsner specialty grains) and am thinking about using 1# of turbinado. Any thoughts/ comments on either the amount or type of sugar? Using a Wyeast American ale #1056 smack pack - Will this be enough yeast or should I pitch 2 packs? I've checked my 3 brewing books and all I've found about turbinado is in Kunath's "Fearless Brewing". The adjunct and sugar profile chart says "Turbinado - Small amounts used in some pale ales and strong ales." I've only been brewing for a year and need a bit more guidance than this provides. Thanks, Steve Bruns Rome City, IN - who's too late to the party to understand Rennerian coordinates Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:57:36 -0600 From: DHinrichs at Quannon.com Subject: Speaking of the stoves Jeff Renner <JeffRenner at mediaone.net> Writes >Speaking of the stove, that's the other problem. A big kettle like >that works well because it covers two burners, but I really >discolored the tops of three stoves. That doesn't go over big with >spousal units, even though I'm the cook in the family. > >We're both happier that I moved brewing to the garage! > >Jeff Flat surface stoves can be really bad as well most do not recommend using a large pot as they may cause the top to break. ******************************************************* * Dave Hinrichs E-Mail: dhinrichs at quannon.com * * Quannon CAD Systems, Inc. Voice: (952) 935-3367 * * 6101 Baker Road, Suite 204 FAX: (952) 935-0409 * * Minnetonka, MN 55345 * * http://www.quannon.com/ * ******************************************************** Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 10:39:27 -0500 From: "Koenig, Ken" <Ken.Koenig at baycare.org> Subject: Walk The Line On Barley Wine Part II Walk The Line On Barley Wine Festival (AHA Barley wine/Strong Ale Competition info posted HBD #3787) Two sessions limited to 40 attendees each. Ticket options: full tasting of 30 barley wines or a "mini" tasting of 14. First session: Saturday 4pm-8pm Second session: Sunday 1pm-5pm Walking The Line.. following each session, attendees have the opportunity to Walk The Line/Obstacle course. Administered by Dunedin Dominatrix cop " Ms. Whip". She will offer each contestant some gentle hints and subtle prodding on how to best finish the tasks she commands. 1st place prizes: magnum of Fred or Adam. Barley wines (several have multiple years of brand): 5000 Year Old Ale, Arctic Devil, Bearded Pat's, Bearly Barley wine, Beerline Barley wine, Big Ale, Bigfoot, Blithering Idiot, Bucky Brau, Buzzards Breath, Chicken Killer, Devil's Milk, Dominion Millennium, Druid Fluid, Flying Dog, Gnarly Wine, Gold Label No.1, Hog Heaven, Horn Dog, I'll Have What The Gentleman On The Floor Is Having, Ipso Facto, J.T. Whitneys, J.W. Lee's Harvest'88, John's Barley wine, Jubel 2000, Leviathan, Heads Up Millennium, Monster Ale, Moosekiller, Nice Chouffe, Old Bawdy, Old Blarney, Old Boardhead, Old Crusty, Old Dipsea, Old Foghorn, Old Guardian, Old Howling Bastard, Old Knucklehead, Old Nick, Old No. 1,Old Numbskull, Prize Old Ale '96, Old Wooly, Olde Arse Scratch, Olde Curmudgeon, Roundhouse, Rudyards Rare, Thomas Hardy'90, Ye Olde Chucklehead.(working on Fuller's Gold Pride.. anyone getting visitors from England?) Strong Ales: Adam, Expedition Stout, Third Coast Old Ale, Black Chocolate Stout, Degroen's Dopplebock, Dunedin Centennial, Fred, Immort Ale, McEwans No. 1 Champion Ale, McRogue XS Scotch, Prelude, Skullsplitter, Storm King Imperial Stout, XS Imperial Stout. Host hotel, 9 restaurants and shops within 200 yards of brewery, food, appetizers, cigars, commemorative glass goblet included in event. Tents for Brewers/Attendees at no charge, with shuttle. All judging and festival sessions held at the Dunedin Brewery in the Scottish heritage town of Dunedin (near St. Petersburg,FL). Tampa International Airport is about 15 miles from brewery. Slaint'e Mhath. "Slan-ja-vah". KK - Dunedin Brewers Guild, Florida kkdbg at worldnet.att.net 813-243-7176 (w 9-5) website http://hbd.org/dunedin Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 09:46:03 -0600 From: "Micah Millspaw" <MMillspa at silganmfg.com> Subject: filter re-use - ------------------------------ >Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 22:08:09 -0500 >From: "Lou King" <lking at pobox.com> >Subject: Is it ok to reuse an inline filter? >Sort of on the discussion of cloudy beer, today I tried filtering for >the first time. I got a spun poly 1 micron filter from Beer, Beer and >More Beer (FIL40 with FIL62). Beer, Beer and More Beer recommends >against reusing the filter. See >http://www.morebeer.com/index.html?page=detail.php3&pid=FIL62 . >However, looking at the St. Patrick's of Texas web site >http://www.stpats.com/filtering.pdf, they say to seal the filter in the >housing, using a bleach solution to sanitize it. NAYYY >Has anyone had any experience one way or the other trying to sanitize an >inline filter? The filter isn't that much money, probably worth the >expense, but I wouldn't mind using it a few times before tossing it out. >(Even St. Pat's says only use the filter 2-3 times). I have some thoughts here. The spun filters are very difficult to clean (and to verify cleanliness) I think that they should be concidered throw away items. If you want to have a reuseable filter you need to invest in a pleated polypropylene filter or a ceramic filter. THey are more expensive but can be cleaned with caustic soda or common lye. I have had the same filter ( 0.5 micron 99.9% rating) for the last 10 years and it is still going. I filter both beers and meads with it. It has been a good investment. Micah Millspaw - brewer at large Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:20:35 -0800 (PST) From: Denis Bekaert <Denis-B at rocketmail.com> Subject: And you thought you'd brewed a long time.... Fellow brewers...with this information we can now proclaim ourselves to be engaging in archaeological reasearch when people ask what kind of obession (no, no, I mean hobby) we have. This came from Bizarre News at: http://www.bizarrenews.com Archeologists Finds Ancient Syrians Had Something Brewing - DAMASCUS, Syria - It seems the age old argument of "tastes great vs. less filling" may stem back further than just bad advertising during football games. A Syrian-Belgian-British archaeological mission unearthed 3,800-year-old Babylonian beer-making instructions on cuneiform tablets at a dig in northern Syria. According to Abdel-Massih Baghdo, director of the Hassakeh Archaeological Department, 92 tablets were found in the 14th layer of Tell Shagher, a site just north of Hassakeh. Baghdo went on to say the tablets showed beer-making methods and tallied quantities of beer produced and distributed in the region." Interestingly enough, Hassakeh, 400 miles northeast of Damascus, is known these days for its wheat production. Obviously these guys really made lots of wit...or should I say, wit wort? Denis in Beechgrove, Tennessee where moonshine is our history but homebrewing is our passion Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:41:29 -0800 From: Project One <denny at projectoneaudio.com> Subject: Alcohol tolerance for 1007 yeast? At 12:29 AM 11/14/01 -0500, Paul Shick wrote: >Hi all, > > Does anyone have information/experience with >the Wyeast 1007 German ale yeast in fairly high gravity >fermentations?<snip> Hi Paul, Being an alt fan, I made a strong, hoppy alt for my winter beer this year. Used 100% Great Western Munich malt and 1007. OG was 1.078. In just under 2 weeks it was down to 1.018 and tasting great (fermented at 64F). Heavily hopped with Spalts. Not to style, but a wonderful beer, lagering now. I don't think you'll have any problems with 1007 at a 1.075-1.080 gravity. ---------->Denny Conn Eugene OR Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 13:10:56 -0600 From: engwar1 at yahoo.com Subject: St. Louis Brews Happy Holiday Homebrew Competition Calling all Brewers, Judges, and Stewards! The St. Louis Brews are holding their eleventh annual Happy Holiday Homebrew Competition on Saturday, December 15, 2001. The competition is also the final Qualifying Event for the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing IV. The competition is registered with the BJCP. We invite all homebrewers to submit their beers and meads for evaluation by our panels of experienced judges. The AHA/BJCP style guidelines will be used with the addition of a winter warmer category. Our primary objective is to provide accurate, complete, and useful feedback to the brewer. Please visit our website, http://www.stlbrews.org for competition information and online registration. Beers will be accepted between November 26 and December 8. We also invite all BJCP registered judges and those interested in stewarding to assist us in evaluating the beers submitted. Limited accommodations in Brews member homes are available. Please indicate your need on the Judge/Steward registration form. Our secondary objective is to have fun, and a good time will be had by all. All judges, stewards, and spouses are invited to attend our Saturday awards banquet and party as our guests. Please contact our head judge John Sullivan at sullvan at msn.com if you don't find the information you need on the registration pages. We look forward to judging your beers. Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:31:33 -0800 From: "robertjm at hockeyhockeyhockey.com" <robertjm at hockeyhockeyhockey.com> Subject: Secondary fermentation? Hi all, Its been a long time since I've posted to the HBD. In fact, its been a LL-OO-NN-GG time since I brewed any beer. Recently I found a Hoptech kit that I'd bought for my father, and felt compelled to use it (he passed away March 2000). It was in the primary (plastic) for five days, and then I put in in a glass carboy a week ago. Yesterday it looked like it was pretty still, but today its kicking up a little foam and there's a visible fermentation going. Did some critters get in there (sorta like a malolactic fermentation in winemaking) or should I not worry about it? Robert Marshall robertjm at hockeyhockeyhockey.com NNY Brewing Company (NO, not Northern New York, No Name Yet") Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:37:58 -0500 From: mohrstrom at humphrey-products.com Subject: Clubs in Boise Area? I've got an associate in Boise, Idaho interested in brewing. Is there a good club in the area that I could refer him to? Mark in Kalamazoo Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 19:11:53 -0600 From: Ralph Link <rlink15 at home.com> Subject: Hello people Please be advised that my new e-mail address is ralphl at shaw.ca Thanks for making the change. Ralph Return to table of contents
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