HOMEBREW Digest #457 Wed 11 July 1990

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  RE: Homebrew Digest #456 (July 10, 1990) ("BONAR")
  TA-DUM!  The FINAL word on Bud kegs (hopefully) (Kenneth R. van Wyk)
  Uncarbonated Ginger Pale Ale advice (cckweiss)
  Xingu (Ken Ellinwood)
  Edme Dry Yeast... (John Post)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 10 Jul 90 08:14:00 EDT From: "BONAR" <bonar at pine.circa.ufl.edu> Subject: RE: Homebrew Digest #456 (July 10, 1990) Hi all, Just a quick question on brewing groups and sources of good beer. In a little while I will be moving to Baton Rouge. Does anyone know of good places for beer in the Baton Rouge area (including New Orleans)? How about supply shops? Thanks Dave bonar at pine.circa.ufl.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 90 11:05:23 EDT From: Kenneth R. van Wyk <krvw at cert.sei.cmu.edu> Subject: TA-DUM! The FINAL word on Bud kegs (hopefully) Ok, before we put this subject to pasture, I have one more thing to add. First off, though, I'd like to thank all the folks who sent me email about the Bud keg idea. We have a truly great group of people here! Doug Roberts (and others) suggested that not all stainless steel has magnetic properties. I wasn't aware of this, since I figured that any material that is ferrous-based would have some magnetism. So, when I tried the magnet on my keg and it didn't work, I wrote it off for an aluminum alloy. Then, when people suggested otherwise, I decided to put an end to all of this speculation and do something drastic - ask. I called the Annheuser-Busch Brewery (sp?) in St. Louis (314-577-2000) and asked them - figuring that the worst that could happen is that this would fail differently than my previous efforts. Well, eventually, I got transferred to an engineer who was very helpful; he told me that the kegs are made out of 304 Stainless Steel. Now, I'm still curious as to the makeup of this alloy (I did take a course in metallurgy back during my mechanical engineering days). When I'm home, I'll check my old texts for mention of this alloy and see. If this turns up anything earth shattering, I'll post. Otherwise, I'll spare the net with the details. Still, it would appear that we have a good cheap source for stainless steel kettles. Grand total: $10 and some effort (which is yet to be determined in my case). Capacity of a 1/4 keg, btw, is 7.75 gallons. Case settled, right? *One* more question ;-} - has anyone using these things come up with a good technique for pouring the (cooled) through a filter system and into the primary? It would appear that the handle "ring" (for lack of a better term) at the top would at least partially obstruct easy pouring of the wort, and siphoning would be next to impossible with the whole leaf hops in my wort. Suggestions anyone? Cheers, Ken Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 90 08:30:43 -0700 From: cckweiss at castor.ucdavis.edu Subject: Uncarbonated Ginger Pale Ale advice Thanks to all who have offered help on my stubborn Ginger Pale Ale. in HBD #456 Glenn Colon-Bonet suggested that dried-out cork bottlecap liners may have been responsible. Sorry, Glenn, but these were the nice modern silicon-rubber lined caps. Good thought, though. Eric Pepke's note about having carbonation problems when using _unpeeled_ ginger root might just be on the money. For sure I didn't peel the ginger before grating it. Any of you chemist types out there want to analyze some ginger peel and see what's in there that might shut down yeast? As I'm not totally wild about the taste of the brew, I'll probably just never try ginger beer again, and maybe that'll be the end of this sordid episode... Ken Weiss krweiss at ucdavis.edu cckweiss at castor.ucdavis.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 90 10:51:00 PDT From: aimla!diamond!ken at suntzu.West.Sun.COM (Ken Ellinwood) Subject: Xingu > I think it is safe to say the tribal spitting > no longer takes place and Xingu uses more Imperial practices. Oh, darn! Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 1990 11:47:28 PDT From: post%lis.llnl.gov at lll-winken.llnl.gov (John Post) Subject: Edme Dry Yeast... Joe P. writes... > What is the current consensus on Edme Dry Yeast... I have used this twice. The first time was on my Christmas Ale last year. This beer started out nicely, but started gushing after a couple of months in the bottle...Tasted OK, so what the heck, I thought...Then, I recently used it on another ale recipe. Vigorous fermentation, dying down after about four days. "Better rack 'er over" says I. Son of a gun, I got a (healthy) secondary fermentation after racking. "Damn!" says I, "Better have a homebrew and call Burch to see if I should worry..." So I called Byron Burch up at GF, and he says "Oh yes, there have been some indications that Edme Dry may be contaminated with a wild yeast strain"(this isn't exactly what he said, but you get the drift...). Sooo...I'm letting it go, and I'll drink it if it doesn't taste too bad ( it is truly AMAZING what six months in the bottle and a low inventory can do for the taste of a beer). BUT, I ain't using that stuff any more! As a matter of fact, I'm switching to the Wyeast stuff. I grow my own hops, so I hope I can afford the $3.50 a batch... - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | post@ vaxt.llnl.gov |"...It's only MY opinion...Not their's..."| | post@ lis.llnl.gov |"The Most Important Thing Is To Be There' | | | ...Dr. Milton Drandell, Cal Poly SLO | |John Post, Lawrence Livermore| ....I'm Relaxing...I'm Not Worrying.... | |National Labs (415) 423-9981 |.......Just Wish I Had A HomeBrew...... | - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return to table of contents
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