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  Weldless Kettle Fittings (Mike Grau)
  yeast growth & esters (Nathaniel Lansing)
  Raspberrry wheat ("Dave Burley")
  Kegorator shank bores and faucets ("Williams, Rowan")
  (HAZE) is pleased to announce the eighth year of "Queen of Beer Women's Homebrew" competition ("Steve Seeley")
  Stein bier gravity (Eugene Johnson)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 21:26:07 -0700 (PDT) From: Mike Grau <mikegrau at yahoo.com> Subject: Weldless Kettle Fittings I recently acquired a 30qt stainless steel pot with a 3/4" hole already drilled into it. I would like to install a weldless spigot, like the Weld-B-Gone, but I can only find ones that require a 7/8" hole. Can anyone recommend a source for a spigot that will work with my kettle, or suggest a suitable workaround for this problem? Many thanks. Mike St Louis Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 09:37:50 -0400 From: Nathaniel Lansing <delbrew at compuserve.com> Subject: yeast growth & esters I must have missed it during the fortnight of yeast. Someone had asked the question whether underpitching and excess growth raised ester levels; or did no-growth pitching rates produce added esters. They mentioned 2 mutually exclusive competing pathways that would support either position. I never caught the reply to the question if there was one. If there was an answer could someone point me toward the digest with the reply? From my experience with wiezen yeast the growth from a lower pitching rate produces added esters but there is always some unseen factor that may be missed and cause a false conclusion; like growth and oxygen supply/demand ratio. Then there comes the problem of whether you like overt estery beer. So if you say "improved ester profile" does that mean less esters or more? or since there are many esters involved just the balance of this ester versus that ester? Thanks for the bandwidth Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 10:57:04 -0400 From: "Dave Burley" <Dave_Burley at charter.net> Subject: Raspberrry wheat Brewsters: Jeff McNally comments on Mike's Raspberry addition and estimates the 5 lbs of raspberries will contribute 1 pound of sugar since he recalls that raspberries are about 20 Brix. Raspberry pulp can be 8-15 Brix and raspberry juice is Brix of 9. So a pound of raspberries would be about 10 Brix or 10% sugar, so 1 pound will contribute 1.6 ounces of sugar and 5 pounds will contribute about 8 ounces of sugar and explains why you saw a small change in the SG. If anything the SG may have dropped a little from the additional alcohol. Grapes are the only fruit that get into the 20 Brix category. Most fruits are in the 5-10 Brix. http://www.red-raspberry.org/Products/default.htm The Berliners (yeah I know it is a jelly doughnut) produce a very acidic wheat and add a sweet berry syrup (often blackcurrant or wormwood in the olden times)is added to cut the sourness during consumption. At Ludwig's restaurant Kindl Weisse Original Berlin wheat beer is served with raspberry syrup www.ludwigsrestaurant.com/599376.html You could add simple syrup (sugar and water) to your beer to get the same final effect. I believe the acids in Raspberries are mostly citric and malic and not tartaric, so chilling probably will not remove the acid. I would not try to neutralize it, but if it is very tart you could think about using calcium carbonate. I suspect it would not be beneficial to the beer, as other things may come out of solution. Keep on Brewin' Dave Burley Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 12:35:37 +1000 From: "Williams, Rowan" <Rowan.Williams at ag.gov.au> Subject: Kegorator shank bores and faucets Hi all, I'm hunting around for a stainless steel shank for my forthcoming kegorator conversion job. Which shank bore is best? 1/4 inch or 3/16ths??? I thought smaller beer line was better for the beer line but some websites in the US are suggesting that a 3/16ths beer line is "notorious for foaming beer"?? On a related note, some sites sell the Ventmatic forward seal all stainless faucet - is it worth the extra money compared to a standard chrome faucet? Do the ventmatic faucets happily fit onto standard 4 or 5 inch shanks? I don't draw beer every night (unfortunately!) so a stainless tap that can handle infrequent use and not gum up or stick is preferred. Cheers, Rowan Williams Canberra Brewers Club Australia [9588.6, 261.5] AR (statute miles) - ----------------------------------------------------------------- If you have received this transmission in error please notify us immediately by return e-mail and delete all copies. If this e-mail or any attachments have been sent to you in error, that error does not constitute waiver of any confidentiality, privilege or copyright in respect of information in the e-mail or attachments. Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 21:43:48 -0700 From: "Steve Seeley" <seseeley at hotpop.com> Subject: (HAZE) is pleased to announce the eighth year of "Queen of Beer Women's Homebrew" competition The Hangtown Association of Zymurgy Enthusiasts (HAZE) is pleased to announce the eighth year of "Queen of Beer Women's Homebrew" competition. This is a BJCP and AHA sanctioned competition. See Zymurgy Winners Circle article "Queen of Beer" March/April 2005 for an interview with Annie Johnson as Queen of Beer for 2004. The Queen of Beer Women's Homebrew Competition is open to all non-commercial, home brewed beer and meads produced by persons of female gender. Beer produced by or with the assistance of persons of the male gender is not eligible. All 28 of the 2004 BJCP Style categories (http://www.bjcp.org/stylecenter.html) are open for entry. Depending on the amount of entries, some categories may be combined for Judging. Cost for entering the competition is $6.00 for each entry. All beer entries will be accepted September 17th 2005 through October 9th at the Wine Smith in Placerville. Entries will also be accepted at Northern California Homebrewers Festival (NCHF) on October 8th 2005. Starting September 10th the QOB Registration Wizard will be available to help you enter your beers into the competition and create bottle labels based on your registration information. Please visit the QOB web site (http://www.hazeclub.org/QOB/QOB.html) for registration. Judging will be held on Saturday, October 22th, 2005. Ribbons will be awarded for first, second and third place in each category (if point requirements are met). First place winners in each category will have her beer included in the Best of Show, Queen of Beer judging round. Judging is by invitation and any remaining judge slots will be advertised on JudgeNet in October. Please visit the QOB web site (http://www.hazeclub.org/QOB/QOB.html) for detailed information not listed here. To contact the QOB coordinator (Steve Seeley) send mail to QOBOrganizer at HotMail.com. Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 07:11:03 -0700 (PDT) From: Eugene Johnson <elj4176 at yahoo.com> Subject: Stein bier gravity I'm looking for others that have brewed a steinbier using granite chunks. Our brew club (Mansfield Brew Club) recently attempted this style and it's not looking so good at this point. The gravity is still near 1.035 after several weeks of fermentation with a massive starter of 1056 and a temp of 68F. We heated the rocks and boiled some water with them as a test run and also to clean the rocks a bit before using them in the wort. During the boil we skimmed some sludge that looked like mud (session pics are online if anyone is interested I can send the link). The pH was adjusted to the proper level so I'm not sure what the problem is. Should we have boiled the rocks twice or three times before using them? If anyone has an input I'd be glad to hear it. Beano is always an option but I'd rather not use it. The beer tastes ok wit ha hint of smoke flavor but is way too sweet still. THanks! Return to table of contents
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