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  alternate hops ("Ian Watson")
  Lagering in Carboy vs. Bottle ("Rogers, Mike")
  Scorched beer (stencil)
  Slow Digest and Transition ("Alexandre Enkerli")
  Now accepting entries for Best Florida Beer Competition 2008 ("Nelson at DBG")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 01:52:51 -0500 From: "Ian Watson" <hophead at sympatico.ca> Subject: alternate hops Hi all I asked the membership during the slow Christmas holiday about using Cluster hops instead of Northern Brewer, but there was no response, evidently because of the busy-ness of the season. So now that we are back to work/school/etc, I thought I'd re-post it. I am out of Northern Brewer hops and the recipe I want to use specifically calls for it. I do however have Cluster. I think I know the answer, but I want to confirm it so my question is this: If I account for the difference in alpha acids, should there be any difference in the beer if I use Cluster for bittering instead of Northern Brewer, all other things being equal? Thanks, Ian Watson St. Catharines, Ontario [240.9, 74.1] Apparent Rennerian Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 08:18:41 -0500 From: "Rogers, Mike" <mike.rogers at eds.com> Subject: Lagering in Carboy vs. Bottle My neighbor has brewed an all-grain Pils about 4-5 times. He is tight on carboy space right now due to brewing numerous batches and would like to bottle the Pils prior to lagering for 30 days, hence, lagering in the bottle. He asked me to post the following: Is there a difference between; bottling and conditioning for 2 weeks, and then lagering for 30 days OR lagering for 30 days, and then bottling and conditioning? Does it matter? Why? Which way is correct, if it does matter... He is questioning impact on Flavor, Aroma, Body, etc... Mike Rogers Cass River Homebrewers Frankenmuth, Mi. Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 09:25:55 -0500 From: stencil <etcs.ret at verizon.net> Subject: Scorched beer The Polarware 10-gallon stockpot has a 1-gallon slack space under its false bottom. Wanting to use the pot as a mash tun, I decided to pack the space with marbles to reduce that volume. This was a bad decision. The intense heat of the portable electric hotplate (another error) caused considerable caramelization and scorching between the marbles and the bottom. The boil took place in another vessel and was normal. The 1065 Festbier lager wort, now entering its first full day of ferment, has a faint but distinct hint of 'acridness' behind the sweetness and bitterness. Will fermentation somehow magically reduce this burnt flavor? If it does not, is there any appropriate fruit, herb, or spice that can be added post-ferment, and will blend with or mask this problem? "Smokey Horehound Menthol" has already been suggested, and rejected. gds, stencil Dejected in the Berkshires Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 16:27:06 -0600 From: "Alexandre Enkerli" <enkerli at gmail.com> Subject: Slow Digest and Transition Fellow brewers, Attended my first meeting with the Austin Zealots on Saturday and finally realized that the reason I wasn't receiving *any* HBD was because I was subscribed with an old address. Because traffic had been slow for months, I had basically assumed that the digest had shut down. I was told by an HBD subscriber and fellow Austinite that the digest gets a few messages a month. Nothing like the 20 messages a day of the old days, but still active. So I wanted to re-subscribe to the digest. But the site was down. And it seems like the recent downtime has triggered some reflections on Pat's part. Not only did he post a message on the digest but he also put a public announcement in the news section of the site: http://hbd.org/hbdann_table.shtml To be perfectly honest, I agree with several of his points and I get the impression that, as sad as it may sound, it may be time to "move on" to other venues. Many of us have done so, apparently. And though we probably all keep some fond memories of HBD, we're finding excellent information about beer and brewing elsewhere. Where, do you ask? Well, different places, actually. In my case, it's mostly been local brewclub mailing-lists (MontreAlers and Austin Zealots) along with some beer podcasts (Basic Brewing Radio and Craft Beer Radio, especially). Others are probably more active in forums, on beer blogs, or on social networking sites (Ning, Facebook...). It might be interesting to discuss which sources we're using now. Maybe fellow HBDers could gain from such discussions. And it might be time to transition HBD *content* to other venues. Sure, we could just put the old digests on Archive.org as they are now. But there could also be projects to repurpose some of the HBD content for the benefits of newcomers to the hobby. Maybe a kind of clean-up. Sorting out messages which remain relevant through time from time-sensitive messages (like competition announcements and such). Tagging some of the content for easy retrieval. Grouping thread messages together. Updating some messages to reflect recent discoveries in the world of brewing. And hosting all of this on different sites. Sure, it could take a lot of effort. But the success of so many "crowd-sourced" projects makes such an undertaking sound more reasonable. And given the current state of our hobby, the results could be very beneficial. In fact, I tend to think that we've achieved almost a "plateau" in terms of brewing knowledge. Not that there aren't improvements in brewing techniques. But it seems to me that some of the most important issues brewers were having in the late 1980s and early 1990s have been pretty much solved. In other words, we now see a kind of a "crystallization" in brewing knowledge. For instance, one thing I observe in most brewclubs is that the overall "beer knowledge" is quite high and rather uniformly distributed. In other words, it sounds as if we all know much of the same things and that those things are pretty "high level" when compared to what people knew just less than 20 years ago. This "crystallization" often seems to mean that the basic brewing notions on which we rely could be compiled "once and for all" so that we can focus on other things. The state of controversial issues could be assessed. In my mind, HBD contains a lot of the type of basic information people are likely to look for. None of this means that there's nothing to discover in brewing. But my conception of homebrewing at this point is close to Kuhn's model of scientific revolutions: in my mind, we're in a time of "normal" brewing science. The next revolution might happen after we collate brewing knowledge and something major happens. So, a possible model would be to go through some old HBD messages and do something with them. Build a kind of "brewing knowledge database," possibly wiki-like (or wikisource-like) for some basic notions about brewing techniques and issues. For instance, messages about the effects of HSA, decoction mashing, or water-to-grist ratios could be tagged appropriately and possibly summarized. Some key contributors (like Jeff Renner or Steve Alexander) could have a kind of profile. Pictures and even non-ASCII characters (!!) could be added to some messages which seem to need them. And everything could be archived for posterity. Does any of this make sense? - -- Ale-X in Austin [1133.6, 227.4deg] AR http://enkerli.wordpress.com/ Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 20:47:32 -0500 From: "Nelson at DBG" <Nelson at DunedinBrewersGuild.com> Subject: Now accepting entries for Best Florida Beer Competition 2008 Now accepting entries - enter from 15 January through 15 February at www.DunedinBrewersGuild.com. Open to Florida residents and Florida homebrew club members Dunedin Brewers Guild of Florida Presents the 6th annual (15th annual including State Fair) Best Florida Beer Homebrew Competition 2008 29 February - 1 March 2008 One of the largest Florida homebrew competitions Get a big lead as Florida Circuit Homebrewer of the Year Help win the Big Ass Cup for your homebrew club Get cool medals, prizes, and beaucoup Bragging Rights! See www.BestFloridaBeer.org for other scheduled events like Stogies and Stouts, Try This! Beer/Food Pairing, Brewers Ball Additional judging opportunities 16-17 Feb, 22-24 Feb 2008 Limit of two entries per BJCP substyle for styles 1-19; no limit on entries for styles 20-28. You can enter 12 stouts, but only two Dry Stouts, two Imperial Stouts, etc. Send three 10-14oz bottles (6-14oz accepted for mead) Entry fee is $6 per entry Register online at www.DunedinBrewersGuild.com Registration deadline 15 February 2008 at Noon Questions? - contact Nelson Crowle 727-534-6944 (cell) or Nelson at DunedinBrewersGuild.com Nelson Crowle Nelson at BuildABeer.org Nelson at DunedinBrewersGuild.com Nelson at HamFon.com Return to table of contents
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