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  hop substitution ("Ian Watson")
  Galena (fredscheer07)
  tipping the janitor ("Rich Lynch")
  Know Knead? ("Mike Sharp")
  RE: Slow traffic and trouble posting ("John Ferens")
  Saison (leavitdg)
  Yahoo! (Mr Patrick Babcock)
  HBD / brewing books (Matt)
  re:Samichlaus (Leo Vitt)
  rice flour CAP update (Paul Kerchefske)
  Re: HBD Perennials (Scott Alfter)
  RE: Diacetyl Update ("Steve Wood")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 19:58:25 -0500 From: "Ian Watson" <hophead at sympatico.ca> Subject: hop substitution Hi all Thank you all for your posts! I should have included the fact that I was brewing a Blonde Ale (sub category of Cream Ale). So far it is tasting pretty much the same as it has in the past, although I'm only sampling from the fermenter at this point, but I think it should be ok. The recipe doesn't call for a lot of hops...it's only 17 IBU's. Good think I wasn't brewing an IPA! Thanka again, Ian Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:12:53 +0000 From: fredscheer07 at comcast.net Subject: Galena Jeremy: I brewed several batches with Galena and had no problems. Maybe your Galena was old, oxidized, stored in a warm area etc. What was the HSI ? Fred Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 09:33:27 -0500 From: "Rich Lynch" <rlny7575 at gmail.com> Subject: tipping the janitor I'm with Fred Scheer, l'd gladly send something Pats way for maintaing such a valuable service. Rich Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 06:54:37 -0800 From: "Mike Sharp" <rdcpro at hotmail.com> Subject: Know Knead? I'm not sure I understand what this means: > You may be surprised at the impact > of merely wrapping the dough 4x on the texture. I'd love to make bread here at home, and have a new oven that does conventional and convection (which one is best for baking?), but I'm not sure how I can inject steam into it so as to get that wonderful crust. Would a pan of water on the oven floor do it (gas oven), or does it take more steam than that? And Jeff, what temperature do you do the rising at? I thought I didn't have an easy way of proofing, but I noticed the other day my oven has a button called "Bread Proofing" which I've never pressed. This morning I did press it, and it tells me I can do "Standard" or "Quick". Regards, Mike Sharp Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:13:48 -0500 From: "John Ferens" <john.ferens at ansys.com> Subject: RE: Slow traffic and trouble posting Aaron Hermes mentions that it is often difficult to post. I can attest to that, the last time I tried to post something it took me about 5 tries before it was accepted - I'm keeping these lines very short in hopes it goes through the first time :-) That said, I always read the digest and always go to the online forum as my first line of research. Always good information in both places. And as Alexandre said, perhaps the reading/posting members of this list lean toward the "been there/done that" side of experience, hence the lower volume. We need a way to increase newbies and/or intermediate level brewers to the list. Cheers! John. Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 12:46:04 -0500 From: leavitdg at plattsburgh.edu Subject: Saison I have just sampled the wlp 568 Beigian Saison (Blend) as I took a sample for the hydrometer, on its way into secondary. Boy what nice flavor! Have any of you used this and did you find the gravity not going as low as you wished? I am not sure if it is just "yeasty" or if I taste an almost 'lambic'/sour flavor in this yeast. Happy Brewing! Darrell Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 09:32:18 -0800 (PST) From: Mr Patrick Babcock <pgbabcock at yahoo.com> Subject: Yahoo! Greetings, Beerlings! Take me to your lager... I've tweaked the HBD server to be active against Yahoo's overly long signature separator. They used to start the line with an underscore; now it starts with a space, and that was enough to whack the original filter. Hopefully, my change will make Yahoo a viable posting alternative once again - this will be the test! If you are reading this in the HBD, us Yahoo's "classic" mail interfacae, set it to send plain text with forwards as inline (as attachment will trigger the eveil multi-part MIME), and you should be good to go! -p Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:49:54 -0800 (PST) From: Matt <baumssl27 at yahoo.com> Subject: HBD / brewing books A while back, I suddenly could no longer post from this yahoo account. I tried opening new accounts with other services and playing with the settings, but could not get any of those to comply either. Anyway, rumor has it that yahoo is now compliant again, so hopefully this gets through. I really do not want to see the HBD fade away, for the same reasons others have already expressed. While I'm not sure anyone here will have the answer to the question below, I'm certainly not aware of another forum where the chances would be better... - --- Does anyone have an opinion on either of the following two books? "Brewing" by Lewis and Young "Brewing" by Hornsey They both seem to be more on the "textbook" side, several hundred pages each, but are also fairly inexpensive as far as such things go. - --- Someone a while back mentioned they had trouble getting the Boulton and Quain paperback ("Brewing Yeast and Fermentation"). I also tried to get it, and despite being listed on many internet sites for over a year, it seems as though it has not become available even through the publisher. Strange. Matt Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:57:08 -0800 (PST) From: Leo Vitt <leo_vitt at yahoo.com> Subject: re:Samichlaus Paul asked: "Has anyone heard a rumor that Samichlaus is being brewed again. Supposedly it is the first bottling since 1986. Anybody else her about this?" Do you mean 1996? I don't know the current status, but I had drank 2000 and 2001, and might have 2 bottles from that timeframe in my basement. The beer has the same name, but are contracted under an Austrian brewer, I think the brewer who makes EKU-28. It's similiar to those I had made in Switzerland in the early 1990's. Leo Vitt Sidney, NE Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 12:16:33 -0800 (PST) From: Paul Kerchefske <wadworth6 at yahoo.com> Subject: rice flour CAP update A while ago I asked if anyone had used rice flour to make a CAP. I have since made one and it has been bottled for about 3 weeks so I popped one open to try it. Pretty good so far I'm sure that it will be better in about a month. So here is what I did. Grain Bill: 8 lb. 2 row, 1 lb. rice flour, 4oz. cara pils, 8 oz. vienna. The rice flour came in a 1.5 lb bag, but I only used 1lb. since I wasn't sure about getting a stuck sparge. There was some concern about the cost of the rice flour by some, I paid $2.79 for the 1.5 lb. bag. Only slightly more than corn. I did a cereal mash ala Renner but I only boiled it for 10 min. since it takes 15-20 min to cook whole rice, I didn't think I needed to cook it as long. I used 1.5 lb of malt in the cereal mash, more than one would use for corn, hoping to prevent clumping. I still had clumps though to break up. That was the only problem I had, the sparge went fine, I might have been able to use the whole bag of rice flour. Hops, I used all Santium since I hadn't used them before to get an idea of what they are like. Results, my starting gravity 1.056 a little higher than I was shooting for so I added water at bottling, just like the big boys. Yeast was Wyeast 2001, first time I've used that strain. I must say it has a head on it that could float a battle ship, very light color. The neighbors and such will like this one. If anyone has any questions let me know. P.S. My kingdom for some Tetnanger, it's going to be a tough couple of years. Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:25:33 -0800 From: Scott Alfter <scott at alfter.us> Subject: Re: HBD Perennials Alexandre Enkerli wrote: > Along with Fred and Jeff (who have both contributed so much to the > Digest), I think that the HBD is a very valuable resource to fight > brewing FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). But it's probably difficult > for many people to wade through the HBD archives. I've thought on-and-off about putting up an archive that's easier to use than the one at hbd.org. I have the entire archive in an IMAP folder (except for the traffic from '86-'88 that was recently added, which I've downloaded and have sitting in a directory on my VPS). The Janitor's post from a few days ago kicked the gears back into motion a little. I'd like to split out the digests into individual messages, dump them into a database, and throw together an interface on my website that'll let you search for messages. If you want everything Jeff Renner has ever written about classic American pilsner, you'll be able to fish just those messages out of the archive. It should be a simple enough LAMP exercise; it's just a matter of getting around to it. Too many projects, too little time. :-) _/_ Scott Alfter / v \ Visit the SNAFU website today! (IIGS( http://www.nevadabrew.com/ Top-posting! \_^_/ rm -rf /bin/laden >What's the most annoying thing on Usenet? Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 18:17:11 -0500 From: "Steve Wood" <swood at techneglas.com> Subject: RE: Diacetyl Update In response to Keith's question regarding pitching temperatures and diacetyl rests, I recently kegged a lager using wyeast 2206. I pitched the yeast at 48 degrees and slowly lowered the fermenation down to 43 for 3 weeks. At that time I did not notice any diacetyl, so I went ahead and transferred it to my secondary for lagering at 34 without a diacetyl rest. I just kegged it today with no issues as far as diacetyl. Steve Return to table of contents
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