HOMEBREW Digest #624 Fri 26 April 1991

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  Biostatistics and Beer (S94TAYLO)
  Mason Jar replies (chris)
  #608 reusing water (chip upsal)
  UPS returns HOMEBREW COMPETITION entry's (braumeister)
  Beer HyperCard Stacks (IOCONNOR)
  Re: Get a Clue (hersh)
  Los Angeles Pubs & more Alcoholic Science (!) debate (Ron Rader)
  15 gallon carboy? Hunter energy monitor? (Jean Hunter)
  Beer recipes (DAVID)
  Re: Homebrew Digest #622 (April 24, 1991) (msharp)
  Re: Alcoholism (S94WELKE)
  Can I forfeit the deposit and use the Busch keg? (boubez)
  bottling after long period in secondary (krweiss)
  Norm Hardy's trip to Germany (Ken Johnson)
  Brewpub info request (adietz)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 08:28 EST From: <S94TAYLO%USUHSB.BITNET at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU> Subject: Biostatistics and Beer I am a first year medical student and let me tell you, one of the most common lines you will hear from any first year about the course load is "When am I ever going to use this basic sciences crap in my career? If I wanted Biochem I would have never graduated from college. Well, as it turns out, one of these courses is Biostatistics, which the department says is important in teaching us Young Doctors in Love how to interpret data presented in medical literature. Finally a practical application: health risks/benefits of beer/alcohol. Perhaps the greatest source of hidden error in research data is a phenomenon nicknamed "The Great Confounder". This represents apparent cause/effect relationships when there are none, but instead the "cause" is only closely associated to the true cause, but not the effect. Example: An apparently well designed study identifies a correlation between number of matches in one's pocket at any one time and the risk of lung cancer. All the data supports it. People who never have matches in there pocket almost never get lung cancer, or many other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. So what is it about matches that causes cancer? Well, of course, you say, people with matches smoke cigarettes. Well maybe beer drinkers smoke more cigarettes, too. Think about it. I'm sorry I'm running on, but I get so few opportunities to practically apply my limited knowledge. Al Taylor Uniformed Services University School of Medicine Bethesda, MD s94taylor at usuhsb.bitnet Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 8:14:12 CDT From: medch!chris at uunet.UU.NET Subject: Mason Jar replies Thanks for the answers about Mason Jars. I'll admit, I hadn't thought about their ability to withstand the pressure of homebrew. I was more concerned about whether or not they would seal tight enough for fermentation. Oh well, it was just a thought...plastic 2-liter bottles don't appeal to me much at all. - -- # Chris Hudson # b17a!medch!chris # Rub her feet. X1375 IW17A5 # Intergraph # -Lazarus Long # Return to table of contents
Date: 24 Apr 91 23:12:16 EDT From: chip upsal <70731.3556 at compuserve.com> Subject: #608 reusing water Opon returning to the online world and picking up old mail I noticed an old posting about concerving water. I try to save as much water as possible since I haul my water from a near by well and I use solar power to run it in the house. First off I use all water from the chiller to clean up. If there is any left over I dump it in the washing machine for the next load. The same goes for water from sanatizing solutions ect. the little bit of bleach will not affect the cloths at all. Chip Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 09:40:44 EDT From: wolfe at zeus.WEC.COM (braumeister) Subject: UPS returns HOMEBREW COMPETITION entry's Friday, April 19,1991, I had returned to me, my homebrew entries. Reason, UPS does not violate Federal Law of Interstate Transport of Alcoholic Beverages across state lines. When the package left Maryland, somehow the UPS distribution center in Pennsylvania decided to check my package. They decided that it was really beer, although it was not marked as such. They informed me that they "know" all of the tricks and are watching for packages marked: beer, yeast, vinegar, malt, "Zymurgy". They also know of the competition, it's locations and dates. I was intructed to cease and desist my attempted shipping of alcohol across state line, or they would report me to the BATF. note: the entries were shipped from Baltimore MD, on April 10, 1991. Package was marked: "Liquid in Glass, Yeast Cultures". We need to find a solution to this problem!! Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1991 10:19:31 EDT From: IOCONNOR at SUNRISE.ACS.SYR.EDU Subject: Beer HyperCard Stacks I have a Macintosh program which might be of some interest to home brewers. You need a Macintosh and HyperCard to run it, so ignore this if you don't. It is the Beer HyperCard stacks. Evrything you wanted to know about beer, including breweries (US only), recipes, etc. It doesnt cover everything, but it's still kinda nice. It's shareware. I didnt write it, but I uploaded it to sumex (a Mac archive). Anyone who is interested in a copy, email me and I'll help you get a copy. Please tell me if you have ftp capability. Kieran O'Connor Bitnet: IOCONNOR at SUNRISE Internet: IOCONNOR at SUNRISE.ACS.SYR.EDU Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 10:50:41 EDT From: hersh at expo.lcs.mit.edu Subject: Re: Get a Clue Chuck says> I am getting real tired of reading I knew this would happen sooner or later, too many homebrews Chuck :-) (Sorry I basically can't resist the temptation to quote Chuck out of context) JaH Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 11:13:56 EDT From: rlr at bbt.com (Ron Rader) Subject: Los Angeles Pubs & more Alcoholic Science (!) debate csswingley at ucdavis.edu shares with us: > Also check out the Crown City Brewery in Pasadena CA down in the > Los Angeles area. It is a block from the Amtrak station (which is how I > discovered it) It has excellent beer, as well as offering a multitude > of world beers to choose from. It's the best micro I've been to. I wasn't as enthused over their beer, although I must admit that at times it was great! I don't know if there were different brewmasters or what, but going to Crown City fairly regularly revealed a lot of variance in their brews. Sometimes the stout was a bit too flat and thin for my taste. I do like their Mt. Wilson Ale, though. The food is good as well, although a bit too pricey (like everywhere else near Old Town Pasadena). When in Pasadena, get to the Loch Ness Monster Pub (north on Fair Oaks, I don't remember the address). Center of the infamous Doo Dah Parade, this is a nifty little pub without their own brew, but they do have Bass, Watney's and Guiness on tap, and loads of other stuff in the bottle. Good bands on the weekends, with a fairly cheap cover. In L.A. proper, I recommend Gorky's. There's one downtown near the Museum Of Contemporary Art and Little Tokyo, and I think they opened one up in Hollywood where the old Tick Tock Diner used to be. Gorky's is insufferably gimmicky (with their "Soviet Socialist" theme), but it is lots of fun to go to and hear bands. Don't know too much about their food. Lots of artsy types in and out, nothing like the yuppified atmosphere of most brewpubs. I like Gorky's amber and dark brews in particular, these seemed more consistent than the Crown City brews (to me, anyway). And Fred Condo <CONDOF at CGSVAX.CLAREMONT.EDU> sez: > I also think the War on Drugs and Alcohol is really a War on Liberty Yes. Thank you. > As someone who does research that involves the use of statistics, I know how > easy it is to do bad science. That's why one must remain skeptical and ever > vigilant against error. Regarding statistical analysis, one thing my Applied Psychology professors always pounded into our skulls was the very important concept: Correlation, In And Of Itself, Does Not Imply Causation! To demonstrate the importance of this rule, we were given the raw data for a study of birth order and the effects on intelligence. The class analyzed this data using common statistical methods, and came up with a very valid and significant conclusion. Something like firstborn children most definitely tend to have higher intelligence. Mind you, our analysis was not flawed, according to the professor. Chuckling, he handed us the data for parental involvement, and very quickly showed us how this neglected component completely invalidated our previous conclusion. The correlation was present and the causation implied, yet with more information, poof! no causation! Powerful stuff, and I'm never able to read anything statistical in the newspaper without thinking "what's wrong with this study?" Science is most definitely politicized, and the neo-prohibitionists are among the worst misusers of statistics. Remember that as you down your fourth homebrew for the week ;) . - -- ron rader, jr rlr at bbt.com OR ...!mcnc!bbt!rlr = Opinions are my own and do | | i gotta six-pack & nothing to do... = not necessarily reflect those | | i gotta six-pack & i don't need you = of BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!) *** Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself - DKs *** Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 11:48:41 EDT From: Jean Hunter <MS3Y at CORNELLA.cit.cornell.edu> Subject: 15 gallon carboy? Hunter energy monitor? In HBD 623, Ted (tsamsel at usgsresv.bit) mentions a 15 gallon carboy. My largest vessel is a 12-gal antique wine jar, thin-walled, pear shaped, made of pale green glass. It originally came to me in a wicker basket, padded with wood shavings. I'm guessing it's Portuguese or Italian. I would be thrilled to get a modern, thick walled 15 gal carboy as I cringe whenever I have to move or scrub my fragile old relic. Any leads? Ken Ellinwood (aimla!ruby!ken at uunet.uu.net) is searching for a Hunter Energy Monitor. Having read the brief recent posting, so am I. Any leads on manufacturer or distributor? Thanks, and happy lagering. -- Jean Hunter Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1991 12:18:19 EDT From: POORE at SCRI1.SCRI.FSU.EDU (DAVID) Subject: Beer recipes Regarding the beer use in recipes... I think if you flatten the beer it won't be so bitter. I used to make a dish called Carbonade Flamande (Belgian Mock Venison Stew was teh translation given in my recipe) which calls for a cup or two of flat beer. I made it once without flattening the beer, and it was too bitter to eat. Ever since, flat beer makes a great dish. David Poore poore at gw.scri.fsu.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 13:41:49 EDT From: msharp at gull.ulowell.edu Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #622 (April 24, 1991) [Pete Soper says:] > Mike Sharp advertised Pediococcus cultures recently. I'm curious about how > closely related this type of Pediococcus is to the Pediococcus that scares > the bejesus out of commercial non-Lambic breweries? I suggest folks explore > this before letting this bacteria into their homes. As for the relationship of this Pedio. to the one which has been known to inhabit breweries -- yup, this is the one. Be careful folks. I doubled checked this with the lab that supplied the original cultures. There is no problem using this strain of bacteria PROVIDED that all fermenters, utensils, racking tubes, etc are sanitized with the usual bleach solution. This assumes that you are starting with something that can't be sanitized to being with (i.e. NOT wood). In other words, do what you always do (or should) and you won't have any problems. I'd go further than this and also avoid soft plastics just in case. This means either a glass primary/secondary, or, if you're a fanatic like me, a special oak one. The problem that breweries have is due more to their size than anything else. Pedio is hard to kill in a brewery because it can hide anywhere in your ten story building. The standard homebrew 5 gallon setup doesn't have this problem. If you want to be extra sure everything is dead you can put it in a tube full of bleach -- commercial brewers can't put their whole plant in a tube of bleach. > I hate like hell to mention this and feel Mike's offer of slants is a > great idea. Hopefully I'm wrong and this is a "friendly" Pediococcus and > not the one that is hard to kill and which can permanently infect brewing > environments. This was a good question so don't worry about it. Since I'm brewing only Lambics its something I've never worried about. Finally, part of my testing of this prior to sending it out is to see if it causes infection problems for two volunteers. Getting these results will take a little while, so if you're nervous I'd wait for an announcement of the results (probably around the end of June). --Mike Sharp Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 14:29 EST From: <S94WELKE%USUHSB.BITNET at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU> Subject: Re: Alcoholism In HBD 623, James Zuniga (ZIGGY) Writes: > WHAT IS ALCOHOLISM? > 1) CAN'T CONTROL THE AMOUNT HE OR SHE DRINKS > 2) FAILS TO YIELD WARNINGS OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT HIS OR > DRINKING > 3) ALLOWS ALCOHOL TO BECOME MORE IMPORTANT THAN HIS OR HER > COMMITMENTS In the military, people can be involuntarily referred for alcohol rehabilitation if they drink so much that: 1) they neglect their job 2) they neglect their responsibilities 3) it's hurting their family 4) their health suffers Most people are unaware (or unwilling to admit) these effects are occurring; that's why it's important for friends to be bold enough to let someone know they appear to have a problem. Alcohol, you see, can dull your perception of the things on my list; so #2 on Ziggy's list is everyone's responsibility to those they care about. If a person says they're irritated by friend's warnings, this is a clear signal of alcoholism. Worse--most alcoholics deny their problems (much less their illness). So be careful...we all love beer, but we're playing with fire. - --Scott Welker, Uniformed Services University Med School Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 16:27:47 EDT From: boubez at bass.rutgers.edu Subject: Can I forfeit the deposit and use the Busch keg? I sent this a little while ago, but never received any responses. As it happens our /usr disk was wiped out, and some mail was lost for a couple of days, so I'm assuming I lost some stuff there. Of course, it could also be that nobody is interested in replying, in which case I won't bother a third time. As the Subject line indicates, one of my roommates had a party and got one of those nifty large Busch kegs with the hand-pump. He had to leave a $40 deposit for it. This got me wondering.... I know this has been discussed in the past, but I don't remember when, so I'm asking again. I'd appreciate either direct answers, or references to previous issues in the HBD archives. So, getting to the question, Can I use this keg for kegging my beer? If so, are there any modifications, special instructions, etc... I figure that $40 is not too bad to pay for a kegging system. Any comments/ Thanks in advance. toufic R 2 4 |_|_| Toufic Boubez | | | boubez at caip.rutgers.edu 1 3 5 CAIP Center, Rutgers University Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 15:14:00 -0700 From: krweiss at ucdavis.edu Subject: bottling after long period in secondary Opinions please... I've got a batch of beer which ended up sitting in the secondary for a long time -- around eight weeks. The beer is really nice and clear, and shows no sign of infection. My question is this: Should I add fresh yeast before bottling, to ensure carbonation? Ken Weiss Manager of Instruction Computing Services U.C. Davis Davis, CA 95616 916/752-5554 krweiss at ucdavis.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 17:50:31 PDT From: kjohnson at argon.berkeley.edu (Ken Johnson) Subject: Norm Hardy's trip to Germany Does anyone have copies of Norm Hardy's trip to Germany which he posted last summer? I'm wishing I had it now. 2nd item. Get off the beer health effects/alcoholism trip. You all sound like my mother. kj Return to table of contents
Date: 25 Apr 1991 17:18 EDT From: hplabs!ames!rutgers!bellcore.bellcore.com!hera!afd (adietz) Subject: Brewpub info request Geez, I hate to ask this, I swore I never would... What: Another request for SF brewpub list Why: Another visit by someone to the SF bay area When: Another Wed. May 1 -> Sun. May 5 trip. Private e-mail please. No use clogging up the digest with rehashed info. What the heck, go for broke. If anyone has the information phone # for Yosemite, send that too. -A Dietz Bellcore, Morristown Return to table of contents
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