A New Hope…

I was deep in the bowels of the Recipator last night, and made SOME progress; however, recipe retrieval is still not functioning. I’ll be taking an in-depth swing at the causes there tonight.

While digging through the Recipator folders on the old server. I did find a document that coughed up a mailing address for Mark Riley, which Google, Trulia, etc. says is still current. I wrote Mark a letter imploring his help. and popped that into the snail mail system. Hopefully, that will bear fruit, and the Old Master will return to put his creation back into fighting trim.

Thanks for bearing with. As I said, it is one of my priorities, but my skills in all things C are VERY rusty, and, unfortunately or otherwise, real life takes precedence over the maintenance of this thing.

Pat Babcock
HBD Janitor In Chief