Recipator Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope…

Well, first off, after further prodding by a certain individual to let someone help, I did one last all-out effort to find Mark Riley. Unfortunately, I think this effort bore fruit. A Mark Riley fitting the profile of what I know of THE Mark Riley (rough geographic area, rough age), passed away in 2014 at a very young age. Circumstantially, at or before the time of this individual’s passing, all maintenance and/or input to sites that I knew him to be involved in stopped. I’m pretty sure this is the same Mark Riley, and it certainly explains my inability to raise him, even through the US Postal Service. May God rest him, and I hope receipt of my letter last year did not upset any remaining family.

With that, and there being no real market value for the Recipator except as an appendage of the HBD/Brewery, I don’t think his estate would mind that someone other than me got the thing functioning on the new server – plus, I think it would be a nice legacy for him to have it active again. Secondly, the individual who has volunteered to help has pledged to do so only for the purpose of getting it back online. With all of that, work has begun on restoring the Recipator to functionality with younger, more capable hands.

Please welcome Nick Tillman to the team, and be sure to give him encouragement as he wades into another man’s code. May The Froth be with him…

Pat Babcock
HBD Janitor In Chief