Privacy Policy and Legal Stuff

Your Privacy

Home Brew Digest, Inc. shares none of your personal information with anyone for any purpose. By participating in the features of the Home Brew Digest, Inc. (the HBD), you are explicitly sharing whatever information is exposed via your mode of participation with the public at large, whether that mode allows you a choice or not.

Some of the features of the HBD allow you to select what is exposed via your registered user profile. It is the user’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with these profile control systems and choose what will be shown to other viewers, both registered users and visitors.


Copyright to any intellectual property published on the HBD site is held jointly by the Home Brew Digest, Inc. and by the originator of said material. Permission to reproduce is granted to any non-commercial entity in the United States of America without charge. Commercial (for profit) enterprises and anyone outside the US should contact the site administrator to obtain permission to reproduce.

Hold Harmless

By using features of the HBD, you are agreeing to hold the HBD, it’s moderators, administrators, officers, and the HBD board harmless in any and all damages resulting from the exposure of said information. You may request to have specific information removed or edited; however, it is not always possible to do so, and the HBD is under no obligation to do so.

The HBD is not responsible for the content of any posting or publication on any HBD feature. If notified of any violation of law (copyright violation/plagiarism, libel/slander, etc.) with evidence supporting said claim, the HBD will make every reasonable effort to remove said information from the public view. However, the HBD will be held harmless in any resulting legal actions resulting from the material, or for any losses incurred due to such material.