Still kickin’

The HBD is still here, though, like a dying star, it is slowly winding down. Much of this site’s code is now over 30 years old and, for the most part, has served its purpose long ago and is ready to be relegated to the trash heap of history.

I still tinker with the 30 year+ old code now and again, but, due mostly to the major life changes in the past year and the lack of an obvious audience for the product, I don’t feel very motivated when it comes to this stuff. If you find a favorite function not behaving as it used to or should, feel free to pop me a note and, time and mood allowing: I’ll look at it. Otherwise, mourn the days gone by.

As long as I endure on the internet, the HBD archives will be available here. The rest of this stuff is subject to the evolution of the operating system this VPS is built upon and, as demonstrated by the lack of traffic, no longer worth the effort of updating it.

And this is not a whine or complaint. The HBD and its facilities are the dinosaurs of the internet, and this is just nature taking her normal course…

Pat Babcock
HBD Janitor In Chief

2 thoughts on “Still kickin’

  1. Pat,

    It was a breath of fresh air to see the HBD is still kicking. Winter’s coming and I have some endeavors along the way. Glad to know the digest will be along with me.


    in CT

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