Well, Brews And Views is online! Note that, even if you were a Brews And Views user on the old system, you will need to register on the new. There will be many tweaks and improvements made as we go along, but I saw nothing to keep us from going live today!

Now: The Recipator…

Pat Babcock
Chief Janitor
Home Brew Digest, Inc.

3 thoughts on “It’s ALIVE!

  1. I miss the Recipator…

    All other calculators want me to sign up, and don’t have a simple F**king print function. Be damned if they don’t have a hop on file. I miss just popping in 0.4oz at 60, 0.2oz at 15, etc. rather than fill in the same boxes 5 times for the same damn hop! AHHHHH

  2. I can’t seem to get on-line with the new page, Pat…. probably just me and my waning patience. Is the URL different?

    Liked the Frankenstein reference… great movie! Especially “Putting on the Ritz”.

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