A happy discovery!

While monkeying around with the list server provided by our new host, I noticed that the response it sends to a poster includes the ability to cancel said post. This feature is similar to the “cancellize” feature that was contained within the old HBD scripts, and part of the reason why there was always minimal hostility and a high information-to-detritus ratio on the old ‘gest.

I don’t know that I can implement the same “deadman switch” moderation as the Digest had; however, since it allows the posters to cancel their post before publication, I think that’s enough to make me willing to use this system to serve as a new HBD mailing list server. Not that I expect it to roar back to life again, but I still field subscription requests now and again, so it may still have some value as a tool in the online homebrewing community.

It will, of course, still be a once-daily mailing as, without such a throttle, it has been proven to quickly get out of hand (not to mention that there is no way to moderate it in “real time,” anyway…). I will keep you posted through this site as things develop!

Pat Babcock
Chief of Janitorial Services
HBD, Inc.