Back at it…

Found myself with a little slack time, so back at it: file by file, line by line. Yawn. Discovered a few more things and am working on them. Hopefully, when I’m done, I will have fixed the code hygiene to the point that the next poor sap – er, “janitor” – won’t have such a difficult time with this beastie. In any case, I’m still swinging at this thing.

In case you’re wondering…

Pat Babcock
HBD Janitor In Chief

17 thoughts on “Back at it…

  1. I’d just like to thank you for keeping this site up and going. Your efforts are appreciated as also for scotrats beer and loafing index service. Thanks gentlemen.

  2. Did a compile on the rewrite I completed last night. First file compiled OK (Yay!), the remaining 7 or so coughed blood. Will have to dig in and see why…

  3. Thanks a bunch. Will be looking forward to it when it’s back. Best of luck.

  4. Any progress?

    I keep looking every month to see if the calming feeling the recipator brings has returned.

  5. Sorry – in real life, I’ve been back on a 7 day x 12 hr/day launch since June with little time for anything besides work, a meal now and again, and sleep. Only time I have had off was a brief 5 days for knee surgery, and you wouldn’t have wanted to see the results of me coding during that time…

    Sucks to be me.

    It’s still on my agenda. Just no time.

    1. Hi Pat, Long time no chat. Haven’t been receiving HBD in my mail for a long time. Thought I’d check in & I see things are still kicking cept for you with your knee. Sorry to hear about the surgery, never fun but sometimes it’s just necessary.

      Just saying hi, it’s been at least 18 years since I joined HBD.


      1. The HBD, as an emailed newsletter, is pretty much dead. Brews and Views still exists, as do the archives, and major portions of the Brewery. The Recipator is n limbo until I get more time to focus on it. Since it is copyrighted, and I cannot get ahold of the author, I cannot release the code to anyone that could help – Riley appears to still be kicking around; however, he has not responded to any cries for help…

        Other than that, same ol’ same ol’. The knee bit will hopefully buy me another handful of years before I have to go to something more drastic that the occasional arthroscopic tweek and a limp. Maybe they’ll come out with some miracle to keep the metal out…

        1. If Riley is not showing any care, and you aren’t going to profit from this. Just get some help, what is he going to sue you for? Wouldn’t have to prove you got help? Why are you allowed to even have the code now? Sounds like he wouldn’t even notice

  6. Pat,

    I’ve been checking monthly to see your progress; I’m wondering if it’s possible for you too acquire old recipes from a specific home brewer? I don’t have some of my old ones saved, they were saved on the forum and I’d really like to get them back if possible. Thanks for all your efforts.

  7. Pat,

    I wanted to reach out to you over email about helping get the replicator functional. Can you email me directly? 🙂


    1. Nick, I appreciate the offer of help – but I am adamant about maintaining Mark’s copyright – as I am regarding any other copyrighted material on the HBD sites. I know that position poses issues to those who relied on The Recipator for their beer recipe formulation (hint for the future: never leave anything of importance in a facility you do not control), and I apologize to any and all for the inconvenience my inability to get his code running on the VPS represents; however, Mark put a LOT of work into The Recipator, and I can not release his code to any third party without his express permission, regardless of promises of confidentiality and non-disclosure. That is part of the role I took on when I became the steward for all this stuff. I’m sorry.

      1. Pat,

        Legacy Software is a hard problem to solve. But before I move on let me offer you an alternative solution.

        Let me rewrite The Replicator from scratch. Nothing will be used from the original source code and I will design it base on your requirements. My only request is to release the next version under a open source license like GPL. This will allow you, myself and others to help contribute to HBD community freely without any legal annoyance.

        Sorry if i’m being pushy about this. But I want to help contribute to you and the HBD community. I’ve probably only used a dozen or so recipes, but i’m highly appreciate of the openness of this site. I feel like the best way I can contribute back is by offering you my developer skills for free.

        Let me know what you think.


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